without a Licence is not free! Your code is only useful, if other developers know that they can safely use it, without risking lawsuits.

If you are on , please check that your content is licenced under an OSI / FSF approved licence.

Thank you for caring about .


What exactly do you mean by that? Do you mean

"only those specific licences explicitly mentioned on the OSI's and FSF's websites are allowed"

or do you mean

"only licences are allowed that comply with their definition of Free Software"?


@pixelcode Technically, we only allow licences that are OSI and / or FSF-approved at the moment, that means, all licences that are listed as Free Software licences by them (not only their recommendations, but the full list).

We have had some discussions about other licences and there is no final decision for an approval process yet. If you have a Licence in mind that is not listed, but should be considered as a Free Software licence, please let us know.

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