What are your reasons for leaving ?
Do you know any blog articles for enlightening users?
Do you move to , another instance or somewhere else?

@codeberg I mostly just like Codeberg's Gitea UI better but also Microsoft

@codeberg i don't remember what the last straw was but the web interface just kept getting worse and worse and hasn't shown any sign of stopping even now

@codeberg github is proprietary. And it's owned by Microsoft. There's no reason to use it. And they promote "open source". I'm sorry, but I only believe in free software

@codeberg I always found it quite absurd that basically all free software projects run on a proprietary platform... 😱

I was on for a while and now run

#SelfHostAllTheThings 🙂

@Bubu @codeberg I think those proprietary platforms are the ones getting the highest traffic so projects, including some #foss ones, use them for exposure. A bit like how #signal promotes online #privacy and yet they have a Twitter and an Instagram account.

@codeberg Microsoft, proprietary, lack of flexibility, and the UI isn’t that nice.

I moved to Gitlab for something that isn’t self hosted because I delete machines frequently, and the free features were better.

I started using a shared, bare git repo without any GUI tools for flexibility, and I’m working on adding cgit for stuff I want to make public.

I just found out about Codeberg, and I haven’t had a chance to try it out. I’ll probably switch provided it’s less complex and more flexible.

@codeberg Microsoft is trying to Embrace, Extend and Extinguish Open Source. I can't use Microsoft software and I can't use a proprietary service like GitHub

M$ had bought it and I realized that that was enough. I really don't want my data to be stored on M$ servers.

I moved to sourcehut - the hacker's forge - They have wiki, mailinglist and CI

@codeberg #Microsoft is totally unlike me in terms of attitude towards software and the planet 🌍 as well as organisational size. They just can't care about the numerous, diverse indies like me. I can't remember when they did anything I would have done. So they don't get a key role in what I care about.

@codeberg I haven't fully moved off GitHub, elementary's build servers have me locked in there for one project.

But when I started developing my own web browsers, I didn't want the irony of it not being able to render the web UI for it's own code repository. Plus also: I don't like the irony of a majority of free software being developed on a proprietary service.

It didn't really matter whether Microsoft made GitHub worse or not, GitHub were always advocating against us!

@codeberg As for where I moved: it's a CGit with some contact forms I cobbled together. If the project grows any I'll need an actual issue tracker!

@alcinnz What browser are you working on? We've been looking into Browser alternatives, presenting MoeNavigator in our blog, too:

@codeberg I'm building "Rhapsode" which communicates purely through audio (and keyboard/swipes). Soon I should start working towards a browser designed specifically for smart TVs & ereaders I'll call "Haphaestus", testing my layout code through I webpage debugger "Amphiarao".

I'm writing them all in Haskell because I love it's pattern matching syntax!

Feel free to mirror them on Codeberg if you want, as long as you provide issue & pull request webfeeds...

@codeberg I moved to my own #gitea instance shortly after Github was bought by MS. I try to stay away from big tech as much as possible.

We left when Github followed US sanctions against contributors from US-sanctioned nations and deleted accounts accordingly.

Went to a Gitlab instance hosted by a project member who lives somewhere that does not follow US sanctions.

@bhaugen @codeberg I use Codeberg for my scientific code. Science is global and GitHub blocks several countries due to US trade sanctions.

Enlightening scientific article: The varying openness of digital open science tools

Thanks for the link. Had we not had a project collaborator who offered to host a gitlab instance, we would have jumped to Codeberg and were looking at it at the time.


@VictorVenema @bhaugen @codeberg I do the same (the most relevant thing being my radiocarbon calibration software). I do hope we can soon find a sustainable way to have CI on Codeberg. Scientific code needs QA, some journals require it like JOSS. I wouldn't go with the usual CI workflow applied to every commit since it's a huge waste of resources, but still it's needed . Great to see more scientific code at Codeberg 👩‍🔬👩‍💻

There is somebody who started working on a bridge to run Gitea tests on SourceHut but they need someone to actually finish the job since they don't plan on finishing or maintaining it... Unfortunately I never could find the time to look at it but I can send you the link if either of you is interested.
@VictorVenema @bhaugen @codeberg

Proprietary, owned by Microsoft, the ICE thing, and it has random weird bugs on my browser. (Using SeaMonkey has really helped me learn which sites care more about having Shiny New Features than about actually being functional.)

Once I started #gitnex for gitea it was hosted on, then moved to and finally is on codeberg. Most of my projects are on codeberg now. Only use github for projects like gitea, nextcloud and its apps, rocket chat etc.

Having gitnex on github would have more users and exposure bcz gitea is there, but I choose against it.

I use open source and believe to give back to community in that form. 🙂

@codeberg I deleted my #GitHub account three years ago. I used it to contribute to Free Software projects that only use this proprietary platform. When I started using GitHub I constantly tried (and failed) to convince projects to self-host using Free Software instead. As more and more Free Software projects I care about moved to GitHub, I ended up using it daily and it made me sad.

I started the @fedeproxy project this year to federate projects out of GitHub.

@dachary, did you know that jami is going to use git repos for group conversations. P2P-propagated git repos! maybe we can use that infrastructure for distributed git hosting?

Other than to grab a copy to compile, I'm not a real git user, but I promote codeberg as an alternative to selfhosting.

@codeberg @fedeproxy

I'm a browser war 1 veteran and left github the day the sale to Microsoft completed. Then we split our repositories between and framagit hosted gitlab. Framagit announced a year or two ago that they intend to close that service and I am increasingly concerned about a hostile takeover of gitlab. So here I  am on codeberg...

@mike the hostile takeover of happened as soon as VC money started flowing in. For many people myself included it took a lot of time to realize that. Good to have you on board at Codeberg!

@mike Indeed, I do have a lot of stuff on gitlab too. And I am migrating to codeberg, if a bit slowly do to health and time constraints. But codeberg is the correct choice, as worse case its also simple to run gitea yourself, and to migrate from gitea to gitea. In theory gitlab is somewhat similarly recoverable, in practice it would be a much more monstrous effort. KDE does have their own gitlab too, and critically the resources to maintain that themselves. Most do not.

@mike Now that I do have a successful and intact migration of a repo from gitlab, I am really rather pleased with it. It's even easier to do than I had hoped. @loic @codeberg

@mike a reason to migrate to things like @codeberg even over gitlab is that #gitea development benefits and is part of the community, whereas gitlab development really is driven by what most benefits gitlab the company.

@tychosoft @mike @codeberg

He just said Framagit (community-driven GitLab instance) is closing and are you saying Gitea is better than GitLab in general because it's community-driven?

Gitea and GitLab have different target userbase but GitLab has a business model to sustain the development and service. It would be better if Gitea had a business model too.

We heavily disagree. Software does not need a business model to be a good alternative. Gitea is actively maintained and developed while not being influenced by the interests of big companies. This is why we chose to build Codeberg upon Gitea.

The developers are volunteers, sometimes paid via donations and some of them might also work for Gitea hosting companies, but the mixture creates a balance and makes sure that no features are made premium-only.
@tychosoft @mike

@alexl @tychosoft @mike keep in mind the most important infrastructure projects that keep the internet together, email servers, networking and compression library and code development, the linux kernel, or open content and knowledge like wikipedia, even security certifcate authorities like letsencrypt, are pretty much without exception community-run, not for profit

@codeberg @tychosoft @mike

You are really missing the point here, my bad for not making clearly I value decentralization

But really ideology is such a bad thing...

@codeberg @tychosoft @mike

P.S. the Linux kernel community driven?

What do you think Linux Foundation is? 😂😂😂😂 a non-profit? Or maybe a consortium with very big players? 😁

@alexl @tychosoft @mike yes, Linux Foundation is a registered 501(c) non-profit. Thank you for making the point :)

@codeberg @tychosoft @mike

Do you really don't know what Linux Foundation is?

I'm really going to discourage people from using "Codeberg". Such ignorance is dangerous as hell.

@alexl @tychosoft @mike Yes, we do. And Codeberg e.V. has corporate members ;)

Regarding the Linux Foundation bylaws, please refer to:


(an Oregon nonprofit mutual benefit corporation)

on (that shares many aspects with Codeberg's bylaws btw, naturally;)

Welcome to !

@codeberg @tychosoft @mike

I prefer GitLab, thank you, not hiding economic interests behind a non-profit consortium and more reliable than a volunteer project, while still developing a superb *FOSS self-hostable* product used by KDE, GNOME, Opendesktop, CERN and NASA.

I bet that now that Phabricator is no longer supported also Wikimedia will switch to GitLab and not to Gitea.


GitLab a big company? 😂

We have a very different definition of big company and #GitLab folks happily moved some features from GitLab EE to GitLab CE that KDE needed for its self-hosted infrastructure. And compared to other projects the CE had already a lot of features and EE doesn't add much.

Here on the Fediverse everyone is about "don't discriminate for this or that" but here you are clearly discriminating a project because there is company behind it 😉

@alexl >1300 paid employees vs a handful of gitea volunteers sounds ... big, and ... commercial? Not? Let's not fight, we really believe that not-for-profit has historically proven to be much more reliant than commercial enterprises, looking back in history compare any charity like the Red Cross to their commercial counterparts. Of course we need funding, yes! And it makes a difference to empower volunteers, donators, and members! That's our mission we believe in!


In the case of GitLab the project won't die with the company because GitLab CE, where 90%+ of the features are, is FOSS and can be sustained by community efforts then.

Companies, volunteering and donations are not mutually exclusive, just think about companies like GitLab as members of the community organized in a better way, if they fail, we are back to volunteering and donations.

@alexl @codeberg To their credit this is more true now than it used to be, as they dropped their CLA a few years ago.

A community where one member has privileged ownership of the whole product isn't really a community.…

@codeberg @alexl @mike I have had too many terrible experiences and have seen far too much criminality to want to do anything with most US based companies or form any US based company, but it seems mutual anyway too.

@mike I never heard that they want to close Framagit. Do you have a link? AFAIK, their blog is only in French and unfortunately I cannot speak it.

It was a line item in a Framasoft roadmap a couple of years  ago. Sorry I don't have a link. It didn't happen on schedule (sometime in 2020 iirc) and the announcement was pre-covid, so I'm not certain if the decision was reversed.

I like @codeberg because its trade-free, meaning I don't have to trade my data, currency, attention etc. for using their service.

Its even listed on the trade-free directory with a 5 block rating -

While other services rely on trades like data collection, premium features, ads etc. to make money, codeberg treats everyone equally and relies completely on donations.


* Threat of being a monopoly on open-source
* Run by Microsoft who is known for EEE (Embrace, Extend and Extinguish)
* Is a proprietary platform for hosting open source software.

Pretty much the 3 big topics for why. Moved to gitlab for now.

Hoping to see a federated git become the future. Similar in style to how Mastodon federates.

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