Still looking for an alternative to ? Don't want to host yourself? ⌨️
Join a growing community of developers at today, the and community-maintained -Hosting! 💻

Still looking for an alternative to ? Don't want to host yourself? ⌨️
Join a growing community of developers at today, the and community-maintained -Hosting and alternative! 💻

@codeberg thank you for the great services you provide. Loving the platform and how you are contributing to the #gitea project too.

@codeberg what are the limits/quotas for repositories with git LFS?

@zrythm We do not directly use quotas, but currently try to use common sense and fair use.
Private repos are only allowed for preparation, note-taking, internal discussion etc and for public repos we are looking if the size is reasonable for the specific case.

@codeberg I see, thanks! we'll likely host our public assets there then (sample packs, icon themes, user presets, etc.). we'll start a monthly donation when we do

Yet another centralized hosting? Nah, thanks.

@Camel We at Codeberg try to build a vital community and offer a service for those who do not want to host themselves, but still dislike profit-oriented companies like GitHub, GitLab etc.

If you have the time to host yourself, feel free to do so. There are also other Gitea instances out there and we encourage everyone who is working on the diversity.

The long-term goal is to have federation built into Gitea, but this is still a long way to go. @Camel Even though I host gitea instance myself, I think having a bigger one (not for profit) as a balance to gtihub/gitea companies is a very much needed. Especially with defragmantation caused by lack of federation. I really hope this will come sooner then later. There is plenty of projects that would rather want to find their code hosting on established instance. Specially the one that is also involved in development of gitea.

🤔️ shouldn't gitea code move to Codeberg as official repo instead of github? I know the idea is to have the project more accessible to public, but it does feel a bit weird.

Yeah, especially since there was a thread this morning about someone who put his code on GitHub again in fear that people would even be too lazy to sign up on /one/ new service (Codeberg). It's obvious that those people won't yet join many Gitea instances.

Good federation is the only good answer to this long-term, and we are really looking forward to seeing this as soon as possible.


We are not the ones to decide for Gitea, they want to move to their own instance (, but I'm not aware of any recent progress (= didn't check recently, I think it's still a pinned issue in their tracker if you want to read more about it).

We also completely understand that moving a complete workflow is not done overnight, so we should give them a bit more time.
But yeah, it would be a cool demonstration - "hey, our software is good enough" 🙂


@codeberg and if I want host myself can I? Is it based on gitea? Or not?

@xrxrxr Codeberg is based on Gitea, you can find the code of our fork here:

Some deployment scripts that also add some functionality can be found at

For selfhosting, we'd still recommend using vanilla Gitea.

@codeberg are there restrictions for OSS projects, like disk space, number of repositories?

I once tried to migrate to Framagit, only to find out in the process that the number of repos had an arbitrary limit, and I lost a day of work for nothing. I have a whole web of interdependent projects, they are not particular space hungry, but the number of repos is high.

@sciss Hey, there is currently a limit of 100 repos per user / org to avoid the worst of spam. It does not apply when using multiple orgs (in case the repos are related to different projects). It can also be lifted for users upon request.

For disk space, we usually try to apply common sense: Is the size reasonable for the project? Can it be reduced? We always try to find a good solution in this case.

@codeberg I was looking for an alternative to #GitHub a while ago, no I'm looking for an alternative to #GitLab, which seems to be doing something with/to free tier that I don't quite understand.

@n8chz frequent question, we noticed that bot signups were reduced by that simple measure. But it's far from perfect ^^

@codeberg WHAT ABOUT FREE AND FOR-ALL CI/CD ? like jekyll? or even this one? hah.
not saying about bugs in ssh keys, duh... :SMOrc: :clippy:

@codeberg are there registration problems these days?
I've been stuck in the confirmation phase since about a day now, and I didn't receive anything in either Inbox or Spam...
I'm using my main address, where other emails arrive just fine.

@codeberg @polettix

You send emails directly the @ IP?
There is all kinds of issues that can appear against the $BIGCORP providers.

@selea @polettix No. Pretty boring vanilla postfix config regularly checked against config check tools.

@codeberg @selea Thanks for calling back, I've been helped by the fine people in the matrix room and I eventually got the emails, thanks!


I realize that I was vague/unclear lol

MX record points to @, which is the same host as the site itself.

Some RBLs and ISPs does extensives checks agains the sending emailservers HTTP-server (if any), and with some "logic" - determine if the sending service is compromised or something.

Or, that is atleast what I have found out while managing a semi-big hoster.

@selea yes, MX matches main domain, which is explicitly allowed in spec to best of our knowledge...

@codeberg @selea Last time I checked it's even allowed to have no MX at all and the A is used by default.
But that's the spec and that's different from the heuristics of reputation algos etc.

@selea @codeberg

@clacke @codeberg

Yeah, it is allowed. But then - it is somewhat assumed that the owner "does not care" or something. Atleast thats my experience.

@polettix @codeberg I had the same problem. I switched to another email and it then worked

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