Kudos to @eff

GitHub Reinstates YouTube-dl Library After EFF Intervention

@eff for sake of completeness link to EFF lawyer's counter-notice letter here:

Especially the last section (dismantling the Hamburg court ruling) might become relevant in EU context at some point again.

@schnittchen @codeberg @eff only in a fork, re-read the paragraph 😉

Upstream just removed some links or so/adjusted the tests.

@rugk @codeberg @eff ah, thanks... So the fork had cypher support that mainstream is missing anyway?

@schnittchen @codeberg @eff the "cipher" is no cipher. For the thing about the fork, I'd suggest the blog post:

Do read the EFF letter if you want to know more about the so-called "cipher". (TLDR: It's an URL parameter.)

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