In other news, we are catching up: Soft-launch of subdomain support for !

For details please see and join the discussion about future development!

@codeberg I really like the new update on Codeberg Pages 👍️ It's a very good alternative to Githubs * pages now.Are you planning to add custom domains/CNAME support,too?Many big projects use Github pages this way.My opinion on the .eu domain question: I don't think having duplicated content of everything is a good idea.I find the .page domain more suitable.Maybe you could set it up in a way that users can select which domain works for them and the other won't work for that subdomain then.Otherwise I recommend keeping .eu for testing purposes.

@nipos thank you!

Re CNAMEs: one step after the other, ... as always, contributions very welcome!

@codeberg I can't contribute to that as I have no idea how Codeberg works and I don't have enough free time.Sure,one step after another is good.It was only a suggestion what you could maybe add in future if you have some time.

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