You surely have seen this already, just in case you did not:

Some background on the hacktoberfest drama --

@codeberg I'm not sure I share this "it's that one person who caused this" explanation.

It completely misses that a company set up this event as a publicity stunt, disregarding the possible consequences to thousands of projects who have to waste time on low quality "contributions" by people who just want a t-shirt.

Blaming it on a YouTube creator who just showed the easiest way of getting there does not seem adequate to me, it's at best only part of the reason.

As @sir also pointed out, there are much better ways of getting people into programming and contributing to FOSS, like mentoring for example.

Just getting X PRs merged is not a benchmark nor an adequate excerxise for contributing to FOSS.

@unicorn @codeberg wow why do they no longer require issues to have the Hacktoberfest label?! That was how it worked years ago, and this was a good way to actually ensure a base level of quality. It was also Marketing for DO, because you'd see it on all the trackers (it's how I first learned of Hacktoberfest). With their current model, everyone loses?!

@codeberg I agree with with @unicorn : expecting a t-shirt while contributing to #FOSS is the backwards way to give back to the community. Digital Ocean shouldn’t propose a t-shirt and should stick to the “plant a tree” initiative.

@codeberg I'd like to thank DigitalOcean and that Youtuber for making Micro$oft ShitHub an even more horrible place for developers 😍 Keep up your great work,maybe it will make annoyed project leaders move to more open development platforms like Codeberg 😃

I think I've picked a good year not to contribute due to personal reasons lol. It's sad, the intentions might have been good tho.

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