Hey @codeberg
I was trying to migrate a repo from #Github to #Codeberg and it seems to be stuck. Has been like this for about 8 hours now.

How can I kill the process, delete the repo and redo the migration?



@arghyadeep Thank you for reporting, we will investigate the cause!

Meanwhile, to get unblocked, you can re-try the migration into a new repository with another name (no worry, you can later rename as soon the issue is fixed).

@codeberg Thanks a lot for the prompt reply.

I’ll try on a new repo and continue my work while you investigate this. Let me know if you need any further details.

@codeberg So I did create a new repo and the migration was successful.

But, unfortunately, I'm not able to rename it since the old repo exists with that name and stuck in migration.

Is there any way to delete that repo? Or, can you do it from your end please?

Here's the link: codeberg.org/arghyadeep/opencv

@arghyadeep we will have a look, please give us a day or so ;)

Can you create an issue in the codeberg community tracker so that it won't get lost?

@arghyadeep ok, it has been moved away, we will delete after we had a closer look.

You should now be able to rename your repo

@codeberg Thanks for the speedy resolution.
In ❤️ with #Codeberg and you guys already.

Also, updated the new link for the affected repo in the issue.

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