Just registered @codeberg and moved two repositories there (one public and one private).
Public one went well with the migration tool, private one not as I have 2FA enabled. But just recreated it. Now let's see if I can get
A) something like gitlab-pages
B) something like gitlab CI
working within codeberg for these projects.
For now i like the clean look and the featureset. Very similar to gitlab/github. It also feels snappy and fast.

@codeberg Didn't know it. As far as I understand it only allows for a single static page per user/org?
Is there a way of getting a static page per repo?
I know it's meant for public user/org pages, which makes total sense.
Currently I use gitlab-pages to host static pages for free and without the hassle of server maintainance.

@codeberg if pages.codeberg.org supports git submodules it might work for me. 🤨

@codeberg Yes I'll try. Here's my "pages" repository: codeberg.org/der_On/pages
As you can see I've included another repo that contains a static page, as a submodule.
If you open the page on pages.codeberg.org/der_On you see a link to the static page that is contained in the submodule. However the link does not work.
So I need to include the static page assets of the other repo directly in the "pages" repo instead.


@der_On that's how it currently works, yes. Would you like to file an issue or PR in codeberg.org/Codeberg/build-de to propose+discuss the suggested enhancement?

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