@sir has released new results on forgeperf.org/.

A great shout-out to user mappu04 who identified the roadblock that made us look bad in previous run!

The worst-case results for huge repos still a known open issue, potentially resolved by caching in coming gitea release.

NOW OUR CALL FOR CONTRIBUTION: If you agree with us that accessibility is important, and would like to help resolving the accessibility issues tagged in the report: please have a look and consider a pull request!

@codeberg @sir How did they calculate that Matrix? That must be nonsense. No way that Bitbucket has better accessibility than Codeberg. Opening a page there leaves me with a half-empty page and tons of dead (Javascript) links which probably work if I'd enable 5+ 3rd party sites in uMatrix (see # of reqs+size; and no, thanks). On Codeberg, I don't need to enable any Javascript at all – *that's* what I call "accessibility pre-condition" (how shall a blind person figure that on BB – and keep privacy intact?)

@IzzyOnDroid @sir Yeah, such automated tests are always a bit problematic, we agree. As far we have seen the tests are using the Chromium lighthouse measure (part of the developer console), details are described on the forgeperf page.

Despite our initial doubts we have to admit tho that the first problem reported (missing content compression) was actually a real issue we could easily fix, cutting down bandwidth significantly.

@codeberg @IzzyOnDroid you didn't like the results until you looked good on them 😉

I am rather confident in the methodology, no one has brought up meaningful problems with it yet. I just see the same surface-level acusations, over and over and over and over...

@sir @codeberg Well, what I was playing at is: there's accessibility – and there's accessibility. Both are about ability, but different kinds of: physical ability (and here the stats may have a point, admitted) – and, in this context, freedom of accessibilty with privacy kept. I generally avoid pages that don't work without all kind of JS and "other stuff". – and here BB fails miserably. So basically, the table lacks at least one column 😉

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