Via @sfscon :

📹 You can watch talks online and safely from home!

💬 " a free home for free projects" Andreas Shimokawa, Founding member at @codeberg_org

Collaboration platforms like SourceForge, GitHub, and GitLab facilitated the development of free software projects..

@af thats the sourcehut sales prospectus, right? Yeah, we have seen it.

We do not comment on campaigns of our commercial competitors as a general principle. Some exceptions tho ;)

That said, gitea and Codeberg are organized as Free and Open Software and Content. There is surely a lot of room for improvements both feature-wise and in terms of performance optimization. Have a look into the issue trackers for ideas for contributions! All pull requests welcome!


Jeahnden speaker hab ich schon getroffen am 18.10.2019 bei @topio


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