@codeberg @Joachim_Rees hello Codeberg! I really love your slogan in software freedom. I respect that!

I learn about several new comers in ethical code hosting field and so far I really admire you. You are very clear, you have Legal/Impressum, TOS, and Privacy Policy accessible straight on the main page.

But could I ask 2 features, if I permitted to do? I think Codeberg needs a clear user guide & explanation of each account features.

Greetings from Indonesia!

(I'm not a programmer)


@ademalsasa @Joachim_Rees hi!

Thank you, this is great feedback. We want to improve here, and also mention that we are completely community-driven, whomever wants to contribute, can do so in form of feedback, content, config, and code!

Greetings to Indonesia!

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