@tklk @ashimokawa Hi, just wanted to report the package in not yet arrived ... (Maybe handed over to neighbors without notifying us?) Is there something like a tracking number where we might check its whereabouts?

@codeberg @ashimokawa I suspect they were probably lost in mail, as I sent stickers to someone else in Germany and they have already arrived for some time now. I used standard lettermail with an international postage stamp so no way to track.

I'm going to apply to a conference that happens in may to present there, and if I am accepted I will probably order more stickers and can try to send some more then. Although if I don't get accepted I'll still attend and bring stickers 😂

@tklk @ashimokawa in any case, when you are nearby, let's meet for a drink and chat!

@tklk @codeberg

You mean a conference in Berlin? That would be great. Let's have a drink then. 😃

@ashimokawa @codeberg oh sorry, english is a weird language where you can say one thing and it can mean different things. The con I hope to present at is in NA, although if my talk is accepted, then maybe I will apply to a con in EU.

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