POLL, please comment if you have an opinon:

Codeberg.org is being spammed by users using one-time/disposable email services and TOR connections. These spam projects with thousands of bogus issue comments, cause pain for project owners, and spam their notification email inbox. Also, Codeberg's SMTP reputation is harmed.

We consider disabling access via TOR and one-time email providers to maintain smooth operation for all users.

What do you think? Is there a better approach?
Please have your say.

@codeberg Maybe some text analysis could help? For example if more than 10 issues are created with at least 90% matching contents, automatically mark it as spam and make users request approval in some way.

Maybe you could also setup spamassassin on your outgoing server and have it learn what the spam messages look like to limit email spam, but that won't get rid of the issues that are created inside gitea.

@hugot This particular spammer was posting the content of random-not-so-random birdsite posts.

@codeberg Right. This needs some thought. You want to stay accessible to software users who just want to create an account and make an issue right away so a lot of manual setup for users or blocking tor would suck.

I think you need a solution that lets new users participate, but lets existing users maintain the peace of codeberg.org.

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