POLL, please comment if you have an opinon:

Codeberg.org is being spammed by users using one-time/disposable email services and TOR connections. These spam projects with thousands of bogus issue comments, cause pain for project owners, and spam their notification email inbox. Also, Codeberg's SMTP reputation is harmed.

We consider disabling access via TOR and one-time email providers to maintain smooth operation for all users.

What do you think? Is there a better approach?
Please have your say.

@codeberg Even Github allows Tor.Do you really want to be worse than Micro$oft?Sorry,but banning the right of anonymity is absolutely not a option,not even as a last chance.No,you cause too much harm to legitimate users.Also note that there are thousands of Webproxys which could also be used so I don't expect a Tor block to have much effect.

@nipos Then again new accounts cannot create issues at github. (Immediately marked as spam and deleted).


@nipos What approach would you suggest to defend legitimate use cases against spam and DOS, that is practicable?

@codeberg You could use mogelmail.de or a similar service to detect fake email addresses and forbid to use them or at least lock those accounts temporarily until your team reviews them.I don't think there's any legitimate use for throwaway email addresses in a Git repository.If you want to stay anonymous,there's always the option to create a second real email address.

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