Reminder: I'm trying to assemble a Working Group and a Community Group

This is the time to ask developers of forges (GitLab, Gitea, etc.) and ticket trackers (OpenProject, Taiga, etc.) to implement federation and to join the work on ForgeFed.

If you don't join, you don't get your needs taken into account, and we'll have a less useful lower quality spec.

Reminder, join if this stuff matters to you. And spread the word.


@forgefed @codeberg Could you represent #Gitea? On the panel? I think you guys are one of the bigger users of Gitea. I'm very excited about this!

@stevenroose @forgefed We cannot represent but talk about the perspective of running . Members of the developer team like @tklk will have much better insight into the implementation and are the true representatives!

Great initiative btw!


@stevenroose @forgefed @tklk can only speak for Codeberg: we are following the development

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