@codeberg @gnome no, but it is the thing that implies from the screenshot.

Gnome's Online Accounts use same API google give to 3rd parties to integrate their products with Google. And Google is pushing limits on APIs to make users of those APIs to pay more. So, some users of Gnome desktops that use Gnome Online Account's integration with Google can suffer until the limit issue is resolved.

AFAIK Gnome does not use Google technologies at Foundation level. You can read more mail.gnome.org/archives/infras that

@codeberg @gnome I see. I was telling that in my opinion it is related to integration of Gnome Shell with Google itself. From end-user perspective, not development infrastructure

@codeberg @gnome
I'm not aware of any hosted gnome accounts. To my knowledge Gnome Online Accounts only refer to the piece of software that is part of the Gnome Desktop. It lets you add accounts like imap, MS Exchange, Nextcloud, Google and others to your Desktop for e-mail and cloudsync. Looks like people are having trouble adding their Google accounts, due to some API restriction changed by Google.

@gryffyn @gnome thank you for clarification!

And sorry for not researching this carefully enough before posting.

From this tweet you can't know if they mean the possible, user-chosen integration of Google in GNOME Apps via GNOME Settings, or if they actually host some online service at Google.

Do you have a source proving the last?

@jeybe @gnome yes, we led it mislead us and did not research carefully enough before posting. See here: mastodon.technology/@codeberg/

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