Hi all,

PSA: pages repos are now available via

Please let us know how these work for you!

@codeberg Good news 👍. I will try that for the Fedilab Lite project to better explain its purpose.

@mondstern @codeberg
Ja, man muss ein repo anlegen dass pages heißt, und kann dort statische Websites ablegen (HTML,CSS, Bilder)

@codeberg It would be helpful for cms if the index.html could be located in a sub folder such as public instead of it being expected to be in the root of the repo.

@Huggles there are too many conflicting preferences how to organize the rpoject repo—we had to pick a least intrusive options. Think for example of higher-level content languages like Hugo, Pelican, Jekyll.

@Huggles The option we have decided for allows all these and more: have your templates and code in a "public" subfolder of your project code repo, and "deploy" to pages via Makefile, script, buildsystem or CI. (Or, simply maintain your content manully in pages, and have not even the code history cluttered by microcommits of the WYSIWYG editor ;)

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