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Still looking for an alternative to ? Don't want to host yourself? ⌨️
Join a growing community of developers at today, the and community-maintained -Hosting! 💻

Just created me an account with @codeberg. looking forwaed to shifting my stuff over there!

Hey everyone, we're nearing the Gitea 1.15 release + deployment, but there might be some severe accessibility issues as a regression of the current Release Candidate.

Accessibility is a key, since an inaccessible UI means the software is /completely broken/ for some users, e.g. those who have to rely on a screen reader!

If you have some knowledge of web development and accessibility, or want to look into one of those, please let us know. We're looking for help on this topic ASAP every hand counts! Thanks!

Made good progress with your ?

Did you successfully expand the docs or README of your project and want to share your progress? Add the flag to your repo topics … or explore other Docuthon repos at

We are preparing for the next release v1.15 🥳

If you have some free cycles, feel free to test your workflow and your favourite features on our staging instance:

Thank you a lot for helping us catch errors before they go into production.

@IzzyOnDroid @codeberg


"Ocelot allows you to use Kumquat minions with Trivet."

I.e. please explain what your thing does so that people who aren't familiar with that particular ecosystem can still understand it.

@codeberg aaand please, not just "this is a project written in WTFlang using best practice and latest bah" – or "foobar is an app for foobar". Write what your project *is about*, which audience you target, and some basic usage ideas. Thanks!

Does your project already have a descriptive README?

From time to time we happen to encounter projects that don't even share the most basic information of what they are supposed to be, or if they do, not in a way that everyone can understand.

Do you feel busted? 😉 Go ahead and add some lines during our !

Want to move your project away from Microsofts #GitHub? Have a look at @codeberg , your non-profit #Gitea instance, hosted in Germany:

(Note for transparency reasons: I am a member of Codeberg e.V., the organisation behind

The participates in our . Check out the open issues at and see if you can help.

Or add the Docuthon label to your own project and add some words ...

Good is a key to make your work reusable for others and lower the barrier for contributors to join the project.

Join the Codeberg starting today till July 17 and help improve the docs for your project or assist us with the Codeberg Docs.

Read more on the blog:

The @codeberg migration tool is rather slick. I migrated 20 projects or so away from #github in about 5 minutes. 👏

An opportunity for Golang devs to work on a great FOSS project with funding: Bringing Gitea to the Fediverse with ActivityPub support and the ForgeFed protocol

#golang #gitea #fediverse #activitypub #forgefed #gofed #fedeproxy #foss

:drumroll: 🥁

Codeberg Pages with custom domain support is progressing well, due to the great work of @codeberg member Momar.

Thank you, Momar 🙏

Just finished migrating my code from a self-hosted gitea as the sole git provider. To now have @codeberg as the primary provider with the self-hosted gitea for mirroring and a few other things.

Now to fix all the old links in all of my repos. 🍵 🧊 :blobcatsleep:

What makes good software usable in the end? One uncontested key is Software Documentation, for sure.

You feel like your work is under documented? Join the Codeberg from July 10 to July 17 and help others understand and make use of your code.

I'm super inclined to migrate all my Github repositories to @codeberg 😁

I'll migrate some today and try to integrate Woodpecker ( to see how things will work.

@brunofontes @fribbledom remove your code from GitHub; that's the most reliable way you can have your license respected. There are many other git hosting services you can use, perhaps @codeberg #codeberg or #sourcehut.

#Github #Copilot gives an idea why #Microsoft paid so much for Github. They were after data: Tons of food for their AI, millions of contributors that now 'work' for MS for free.
You publish your code under GPLv3, even AGPLv3? So what? The AI learns from your code and uses it to generate code that is possibly proprietary. Does #GPL forbid this practice? (I don't think so)

That's the M$ way to break copyright law.

It's time for alternatives like @codeberg .

Just a random thought on

"We need more sharing not less" is funny to read about a commercial product that will not be shared itself, but only shares the work of others without attribution ... - Otto

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