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ICYMI: there was a hashtag trending on twitter (you know, this commercial mastodon clone) ... calling for . If you have not checked it out yet, please do now. We could never explain any better why we founded Codeberg e.V., and why we operate, the free-as-in-freedom code repo platform

Dear Codeberg e.V. members! Poll for the upcoming bylaw update (confirmation of tax-deducible non-profit status) has started. Please find the poll token in your INBOX and cast your votes!

du hast eine app im und hast deine daten auf ?
prima. lass es mich wissen. ich male dein app logo

After this announcement, independent CI/CD platforms like travisci, CircleCI might get a hard time. Any opinions what we should do for Codeberg?

@Utgardloki @DecaTec communities are not static, humans habe been on the move since .. like .. forever ;)

And yeah, lock-in due to network effects is real. Being locked in is the opposite of freedom. That's why we had to found Codeberg.

Does anyone know of a (curated) list of URLs of public EFA APIs (public transport)?

Do you know one for your own city maybe?

Please send them my way, I'm collecting them for an open-source project that lets you query public transport stops, timetables & routes:

#opendata #boostme

Did you know that "git checkout -" works much like "cd -" and switches back and forth between two branches?

You're welcome.


I am an open source freelancer who makes a living from open source, and I openly protest GitHub processing donation payments.

This is NOT about a nice new feature, this is about a multi-year Microsoft strategy to centralize and enclose open source community dynamics.


For non-German speakers: what is your experience of moving your projects to, especially in terms of engagement?

Let us invite you to contribute to
Gitea's federation protocol, and we will have federation at Codeberg. Promise!

Honest question. How does it come, that Wikipedia is seemingly could not be forced to enforce an export ban, but GitHub and GitLab? The encyclopaedia should surely contain more knowledge on, say, for example, how nuclear weapons work than some random (private!) repos? Might the distinguishing difference be that between a nonprofit entity and a for-profit service, that is not allowed do *business* with trade sanctioned countries?

There have been many recommendations today to move to GitLab after GitHub locked out users from Iran and Crimea. @GCPcloud, which GitLab is using as infrastructure provider, is not serving those countries (also )

Hey! Let's welcome @codeberg at Mastodon – the real free alternative to the walled gardens of MS Github, Google GitLab etc.! Love to see you here! 😍 👍 🎉

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