Hiring is a minefield of unknown, unknowable, and contradictory biases.

Spend some time "Marie Kondo"ing your phone's notifications and it will never vibrate or make noise ever again.

One is very bad number of names to have. A handful is better. A thousand is more like it.

Galaxy brain would be to have zero names.

Democracy Works is hiring software developers again: democracy.works/software-devel

Join a fully remote team making US civic engagement easier. We're a woman- and gay-founded nonprofit, and promote an inclusive culture that stands against racism, sexism, homophobia, and ableism (to name a few).

The number of cloves of garlic a recipe calls for is like a time estimate to implement a feature: it's gonna be off by a factor of three.

I gave my ghost a little keyboard.

It could have taken a few seconds in a GUI image manipulation application... but I spent 20 minutes flipping between the imagemagick docs, a shell to run and tweak and re-run commands, and an image viewer.

2019 in books 

2018 in books 

If you're a dog in a novel I have some very bad news.

Given the number of todo list items I have completed as n, the number of remaining todo list items appears to be n².

Everyone touting their "dark mode" like it was a huge breakthrough computer scientists finally cracked in 2018.

job, tech 

Looking to help a recent grad find a community of trans programmers in NYC. Job opportunities at supportive companies appreciated, too.

The local timeline needs a link to "Justice For Sale" by Brittany Wald. It needs it right now and probably every few hours until we've all watched it.


How to politely tell recruiters that no amount of money would make me relocate to the Bay Area?

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