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The feed is in chronological order. A novel concept for modern social networking.

If there was a fediverse when it came to storing cell phone data, you could theoretically create your own instance and be protected by the Fourth Amendment from the government searching your records without a warrant 🤔
Now we wait for @Gargron to create a cell phone company based on this model.

this snoot was made for boopin'
and that's just what I'll do
one of these days
this snoot is gonna
boop all over you

Main effect of GDPR so far is getting fucking bombarded by google e-mails

i have eaten
the passwords
that were in
the logs

and which
you were probably
to keep private

forgive me
they were plaintext
so simple
and hunter2

When spoken with the right cadence and intonation, Lesbian Day of Visibility sounds like a high-level D&D spell

Figured I would give music a try. I feel like I'm in '80s Miami at sunset driving my white sports car living a life of cocaine and video games. It's pretty good stuff.

talks privacy and how we should design systems that, instead of limiting the use of , we design systems that do not and can not collect it in the first place.

The Dance album by Fleetwood Mac. 🎶 The live versions of these legendary songs sound so much better!

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