The Kalendar team is proud to announce v. 1.0.0!

We've worked hard to make Kalendar an attractive and featureful application, and we hope you like using it as much as we liked making it!

Read all of this release's additions here:

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Happy holidays, folks! Those of us working on Kalendar are happy to bring the gift of a new release, 0.4.0.

0.4.0 brings new views, improved performance, many many bugfixes, and more.

Read all about the latest release here:

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Just in time for the festive season 🎄, KDE Gear ⚙️ 21.12 is here! Check out all the cool new stuff available in Dolphin, Konsole, Kdenlive, and much, much more!

Wow! Europe's largest network of 45,000 small and medium ICT enterprises are standing with Nextcloud, against Microsoft - urging the EU to open an Antitrust investigation!

It's been -- 155 days -- since Microsoft stole @kde 's motto:

"Simple by default, powerful when needed."

They're still using it.

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Certainly enough people have complained about it by now for us to be aware of the fact it has issues. Unfortunately what we need is to get more people working on a solution, and from my point of view that means fixing what we have and not starting back from square one.

Unfortunately, unlike Plasma since the 4.0 days, Akonadi hasn't really seen a concerted effort to address the large issues. Hopefully that will change sooner rather than later :)

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In terms of complexity, I partly agree here, though I also think proper documentation would go a long way to making things seem less impenetrable even without any technical changes. Yet writing documentation also required manpower, which as we have established is lacking in Akonadi development right now

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I think it is important to note the human element here: an incredible amount of effort went into creating a super powerful PIM framework, and then many people piled on to criticise it -- some for better reasons than others.

It is natural for the response to sometimes be overly defensive in reaction to these things. Again, as a PIM developer myself -- Akonadi often gets more flak than it deserves, though I also agree some changes are needed.

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Genuinely curious, what makes you think it is overcomplicated/overengineered?

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Most of that money goes to paying for contractors and events hosted by the community. AFAIK there are no contractors being employed to work on Akonadi. Like 99% of other KDE developers, Akonadi developers do it for free.

Paying someone to help improve the framework would be one way to help things. The other would be to try to encourage new developers to come in and help -- this is what is mostly done for other KDE projects like Plasma.

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Unlikely to happen because:

- Writing a sync service from 0 is a gigantic pain

- Akonadi is incredibly powerful and handles most of what anyone would need from a sync service

- Akonadi has a sensible and easy-to-use API that apps like Kalendar can leverage

- There is no alternative that uses KDE APIs that is under active maintenance

Not saying Akonadi doesn't have big issues, but it is a good base. It just needs more love -- love it hasn't really gotten!

This week in Kalendar development: v0.3.0 coming this week, bringing improved stability, efficiency, accessibility... and a Windows version??

Read all about the big changes that have taken over the past two weeks:

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