Happy holidays, folks! Those of us working on Kalendar are happy to bring the gift of a new release, 0.4.0.

0.4.0 brings new views, improved performance, many many bugfixes, and more.

Read all about the latest release here:


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Just in time for the festive season 🎄, KDE Gear ⚙️ 21.12 is here! Check out all the cool new stuff available in Dolphin, Konsole, Kdenlive, and much, much more!


Wow! Europe's largest network of 45,000 small and medium ICT enterprises are standing with Nextcloud, against Microsoft - urging the EU to open an Antitrust investigation! digitalsme.eu/european-sme-sta

It's been -- 155 days -- since Microsoft stole @kde 's motto:

"Simple by default, powerful when needed."

They're still using it.

This week in Kalendar development: v0.3.0 coming this week, bringing improved stability, efficiency, accessibility... and a Windows version??

Read all about the big changes that have taken over the past two weeks:


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