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If I had a gaming computer, I would play Valheim. They used Amon Amarth in their trailer, good enough for me.

YouTube Shorts recommendations suck. It thinks "Girls With Guns" and "Singles With Guns" and other weird sexually predatory political content will get me to click. Also who the hell makes this kind of content.

Man the SocialHub got suddenly active. Glad to see that we've regained a voice there.

Is having a lot of citrus peels in compost problematic, or does the citric acid break down? I don't want acidic soil.

The pandemic has taught me that I can pull off having long hair. But oh lawdy is it hard to maintain.

Looked at the possibility of building a PC for the first time in 10 years. Old one lasted 7 years (passed onto my younger brother) and my small underpowered laptop is several years old and cannot do some personal research workloads I'd like.

But 2 days looking into stock levels and pricing of computer parts makes me realize the silicon industry and market is currently near nonexistent, with supply side issues. So I'll try again in 6 months.

In the meantime, more books.

Ich hoffe, dass heute einen schรถnen Tag ist. Ich fรผhle mich ein bisschen schlecht.

Lots of snow. Means I play outside with the dog. Haven't been online so much the past few weeks.

Balldo (sex toy) 

I cannot stop laughing! A friend mentioned this and I was like "WTF". Apparently, it's a real thing. Balldo wants to turn guys' ballsacks into dildos. Their website looks like a Silicon Valley style website.

Seems like a great way to get testicular torsion and/or ballbusted...

But hey, I won't stop someone else from having their fun.

> create key value table
> make the keys a string type
> print integers to string and store as key

> there's already a library for X

...and there's already a song about love. Doesn't seem to stop songwriters.

US Pol 

The Diet Republicans are already preparing to blame the Republicans for failing to give folks the $2000 relief they campaigned on in Georgia, by both going "Psych! Did we say $2000 we meant $1400 on top of the $600 you already got" and then not doing quick budget reconciliation (requiring 51 votes in the Senate) and instead trying to pass a big slow bill (requiring 2/3 votes in the Senate).

The Diet Republicans got too used to blaming Mitch it seems.

Why are Tyrrell's Veg Crisps so addictive. It's gotta be super unhealthy.

When I think of post apocalyptic landscape, I don't think of Fallout nor Mad Max, I think of Cormac McCarthy's "The Road".

Things Mathematicians and Computer Scientists agree on 


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