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Covid NC 

The first wave was very small in NC but the second and third waves look terrible. 300 cases/day in April, 1.8k/day in late July, now 8.8k/day in January.

Deaths were mostly flat or a line trending slightly up during the first and second wave (20-30 deaths/day). However the holiday time has now 2x the death rate at 60/day.

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Covid GA 

Looks like it is on its third wave, according to the GA DPH website. 1k Cases/day in April, 3.5k/day in August, now 7.5k/day in January.

Counter argument in a nutshell, feat. lang of the right 

A) Use a digital hosting company
Get booted off for questionable content? Use a different one whose free market business is catering to it, freedom of association at work. Or buy your own machine & colo space.

B) Use a domain registrar
Get booted off for questionable content? Use a different one whose... <etc>. Or set up your own registrar.

C) Use a ISP
Get booted off for questionable content? Why were you AGAINST Title 2 again?!

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Us pol, quiet majority, โ„๏ธ๐Ÿ‘ 

Getting private pings from coworkers that appreciate nuanced views made my day this morning. It can really get old arguing against the prevailing free speech wind of "Free speech means I'm entitled to private platforms (that in a socialist move should be declared a public square of the nation) of my choice".

Whataboutism led to a coworker's self-own:

I built my own personal political website

> "but what if you can't use a cloud"

I'll buy a cheap 1U server and put it in a colo

> "but what if the ISP doesn't peer with you"

I've been arguing for Title 2 classification of ISPs exactly for this reason.

> *work from home means I can't see the look on their faces when they realize*

> silence

If you feel strongly on: Fediverse culture, meta-analysis, commentary, or community here, I think the Fedi at large needs to do some preventative work to ensure that "Fediverse" does not become synonymous with "far right angry people".

I have which could use more submissions. We need ppl to encourage reporters to document how Fedi was the "no Trump tweets here" place that mainstream social media is now becoming & the refuge for trans right activists.

More ideas needed.

However, I would also like to continue to build tools for the Fediverse that improves user safety and security here. And while there isn't much tech in common between the two, I do constantly worry about the legislative fallout because Congress is excellent at crafting bad digital laws. If they craft any, maybe I just worry too much.

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Parler's User Data Archive Progress Link 

It seems they are using the archive team's tooling to accomplish this:

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All of Parler's User Data Is Being Hacked 

Apparently, the way Parler was designed for its "lost password" flow was that once their authentication provider failed to actually handle the "click this link in this email to reset your password", Parler displays the "reset page" anyway, so users just used it on administrator accounts, then created tons of fake administrator accounts, & then used those account privileges to scrape all user data. Also "deletion" was just a bit-flip and posts werent actually deleted

If anyone who registered for has had trouble receiving the activation email please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

US pol 

A friend suggested I host GB of primary source video and photos of the sedition on ๐Ÿคข

I thought about including snarky obviously-fake quotes as bylines but opted against it.

Just having their faces hanging there should be enough.

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USPol, QCoup 

Well today I spent a few hours cobbling together some data on the voting after the and photos and tossed together the site at (or ) because those congresspeople with their vote have earned their faces up there for the rest of time.

uspol, Hawley's Objection 

They're finally voting on the damn thing.

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