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(end) Cathartic rant against crypto 

If you made it this far, thanks. The rant is over.

If you made money on crypto, or were at one point a fan of it, or played with it, none of this is to slight you, or any single person. I don't think of (current or past) crypto proponents any less.

I do think it an ideology masquerading as something it is not, and that is what's dangerous. It is important to see it for what it is, not what we wish it to be.

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Cathartic rant against crypto 

The whole point of crypto-proponents is that everyone and everything will be assimilated to "the Borg" authoritarian structure that is The Ledger and The Consensus, and squeeze out everything else. This is not democratization of the internet.

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Cathartic rant against crypto 

That raises the uncomfortable questions: What is a User-Respecting Network? Is it the only kind that actually grants users freedom? And are The Ledger and The Consensus a User-Respecting Network and can it give people freedom?

*That's* what bothers me, I firmly believe The Ledger and The Consensus protocol are fundamentally *not* building a User-Respecting Network and therefore cannot actually grant freedom to its users -- including *walking away from the network*

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Cathartic rant against crypto 

So if the proponents are trying to evangelize the idea of Ownership but succeeding only in changing who is at the top of the power structure to enforce Ownership -- or making it so only the vigilante-strong enforce Ownership, and The Ledger is the only way to interact in society where everyone is bound and subservient to machines, what kind of society is being built?

What happens if I smash my phone of private keys? Does The Network respect my choice?

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Cathartic rant against crypto 

That new elite guard is one of Technologists, "the network sets you free" kind. The kind that believes humans are Bound to machines. The kind that sees the future of "well if you can't afford the Gas cost to put your medical records on The Ledger, then of course the Hospital can't accept your physical records in-hand that show you need the treatment." This is the "computer says 'NO'" world where humans are mindless drones, extensions of The Machine.

A sys of control

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Cathartic rant against crypto 

The ugly truth is that to bridge this gap, and force people to participate in "the glorious network", requires hijacking The State to beat you into using The Ledger. Or, having everyone use vigilante violence. Someone breaking into your house to put a gun to your head and say "stop infringing my NFT rights". And at that point, gone is the argument about a "better society". It is today's society, with a changing of the elitist guard.

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Cathartic rant against crypto 

For crypto to be really compelling, it needs to beat the shit out of some people. Not everyone can be bought, but everyone bleeds. If someone infringes on the rights of an NFT -- an act outside of "the glorious network" -- then today there's the legal system (DMCA, infringement laws) and associated police and jail time threatening compliance.

Cryptoheads would have us believe everyone would magically comply out of respect of "the ledger" and FOMO riches.

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Cathartic rant against crypto 

That popularity is just a convention, but the eternal promise is that it is a carrot (not a stick), a combination of FOMO and stories of liberation and promises of riches. Nowhere is there a compelling argument under force, with a big stick, because such ugly negativity actually reveals the truth of the matter: Governments have the monopoly of force, and force is required to enforce property rights, and they are not going to give it up to crypto.

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Cathartic rant against crypto 

For me the crucial question is "what kind of society are we building?" because pro crypto folks spend a great deal of energy with the promise of a better tomorrow "if only" the central, public, distributed ledger was adopted with consensus protocols. Problem: such a network is not a "user respecting network".

To see why, the whole point is to get everyone on board with adopting the network, which inherently increases its social value if only because it is popular.

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(prologue) Cathartic rant against crypto 

Talk of crypto/NFT keeps seeping into discussions I have and communities unrelated to tech, and it annoys me. I spent the night tossing and turning trying to fall asleep but left awake as my mind does it's thing and just tries to "play through" or "simulate" the thoughts that bother me in the vain hope it exhausts me enough to sleep.

I guess I feel the need to share the little of the mental rumblings I had because I just don't want to feel alone in it...

There was a 98 hour long Age of Empires 2 ranked game. Resources ran out, both destroyed each other's monasteries which could have given infinite (but slow) sources of gold, neither had the wood (or market resources to buy) to rebuild those.

Each had sizeable military and didn't want to give up, so the meta changed to waiting for the opponent to sleep, so that one could attack a castle and micro the default targeting behavior to mitigate all damage.

It ended because ISP network d/c'd a player

I realize why I get more exhausted recently while programming: while I program the machines I feel like I am fighting off the machine programming me to think like a machine.

There are plenty of guides to increase #privacy, but they are often single-works with too little connection to others, and I know far too few. Therefore I want to collect more.

Three guides are and and the German

It would be awesome if you could write links to more!

Please boost this thread! #fedi

A friend mentioned there's some "big controversy" over the "He-Man TV" show.

After further discussion with him... it sounds like it is a combo of the "we hate SJW" crowd and the overly-sensitive "manage my expectations like Goldman Sachs manages money" easily-disappointed mob (see similar: No Man Sky)?

I don't get pop culture / outrage machines. I like sticking to the niche communities that tend to focus on real issue -- like you all here.

Bummer, I cannot find a freely accessible copy of the paper:

"Revisiting the Small-World Phenomenon: Efficiency Variation and Classification of Small-World Networks" by Tore Opsahl, Antoine Vernet, Tufool Alnuaimi, Gerard George.


It sucks how much knowledge is locked behind $.

Benjamini-Schramm Convergence doesn't seem to have an English Wikipedia page?? 🤔

Fortunately there is a German page. Unfortunately, the vocabulary exceeds my current capabilities LOL.

Fortunately there's good discussion of it elsewhere.

And apparently /r/Antiwork was just now marked private. I don't know if that now means it is dead.

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Apparently on Reddit, the Antiwork movement is blowing up due to a really poor attempt at an interview on Fox News. If only the users there would switch to the Fediverse instead of staying on Reddit.

So I had been aware of Wordle. But now my friends are playing Lewdle. They were complaining about today's word and how they had to turn off hard mode to get it. I strive to only do hard mode, so I hopped on, and I am ashamed to report I got it in 3 guesses. 😂😅

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