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Muse Group (Musescore, Audacity) Physically threatening FOSS dev w/ violence via Copyright Law 

"Upon further investigation, it became clear that Wenzheng Tang is a Chinese national, but not resident in China. As a guest in his current country, his residency status is predicated on a number of conditions, one of which is not violating the law."


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Muse Group (Musescore, Audacity) Physically threatening FOSS dev w/ violence via Copyright Law 

Copyright dispute is causing the Audacity/Musescore person to physically threaten the FOSS dev -- who is expat Chinese -- with deportation back to China plus notify Chinese authorities of anti-China repositories.

Asshole deleted their comment cause of course they realized they are an asshole.

The most polarizing conversation I've ever seen in a discussion about music is: Tarja, Anette, or Floor?

> Venture Capitalist decrees that the social contract needs to be rewritten
> Doesn't even mention Jean Jacques Rousseau

Ah yes, watch a word with a specific ideological meaning in one domain, become a marketing buzzword for the "Network Effects" salespeople.

They did a third discharge from Sihlsee last night, the Sihl river was at it's highest since May of 1999, and now Lake Zürich is high enough to get a Level 4 warning... I hope no one is flooded and everyone is safe.

Also, if the Sihl dam has to do a third emergency water discharge, it definitely increases the risk of flooding Zürich:

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Dangerously close to flood alarms going off today. Switzerland is getting completely soaked

An opportunity for Golang devs to work on a great FOSS project with funding: Bringing Gitea to the Fediverse with ActivityPub support and the ForgeFed protocol

#golang #gitea #fediverse #activitypub #forgefed #gofed #fedeproxy #foss

Damn, the last remaining friend I had from my very first account on the Fediverse (not this one) circa 2017, has quit the Fediverse. End of an era.

Today, across the USA dogs unite to cower in fear, tremble, and bark at the thunderous sounds.

Where's the new IRC room located and is there a good matrix bridge for it? Just realized with the freenode debacle it probably migrated.

At a random small bookstore in Arkansas, I found a 1939 copy of select Nietzsche works in German.

Ich habe das gekauft.

Sridhar Ramaswamy was once my VP way back when I was working on improving customer support platforms, which was buried under Ads but supports everything from Fi to YouTube. Never interacted with him. But now he's the CEO of an ads-free search engine called Neeva? Seems a little sus.

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