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Hey there!

This note was sent using GoToSocial, a brand new activitypub server implementation written in Golang.

It's Mastodon-API compatible, so you can use it with kickass existing apps like Tusky and Pinafore.

The project has been in development since around February and we're approaching a point where we're ready to do a beta release.

For more info, check out the link below:

Some friends thought I moved to Switzerland because taxes. I kindly told 'em that as US citizens, we always get to pay Uncle Sam taxes no matter where we live in the world.

In my discussions on the topic, Bitcoin fans that buy it like Gold to escape government influence just do not want to accept the reality of China using its sovereign authority to singlehandedly tank the Bitcoin "store of value" some >30%.

The government always has bigger sticks, cinderblock jails, and ways to enact legislation to make you a criminal, no matter whether you have gold or Bitcoin.

Finally feeling 100% after the J&J vaccine. It was really just 1 day of getting knocked out but it took another day to regain strength from renewed appetite.

Glad I got it, would rather have the one or two days of roughness than several days of ICU or risking death.

I've really never ever seen anyone attempt to smoke on a plane, until today.

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Der Flugbegleiter hat dem schnell ein Ende gemacht. Leider roch die ganze Flugzeugkabine nach Rauchen.

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Wรคhrend des Fluges von Zรผrich nach Amsterdam, hat ein Person eine "Vape" rauchen angefangen. ๐Ÿ˜

Person at work thinks sharing "taxation is theft" memes is peak political activism and I hate it.

Je nรคher die Reisezeit kommt, desto mรถchte ich weniger draussen gehen. Es wรคre scheisse, ein positives PCR-Test vor dem Flug zu bekommen.

๐Ÿคฆ apparently Twitter's "Tip Jar" integration with PayPal has the side effect of sharing the tipper's billing address to the recipient. ๐Ÿค”

Ah, yes, i remember tipping wait staff in the US and telling them where I live.

A friend got me to play Crusader Kings 3 with him. 3 hours later I was on the verge of uniting the kingdom of Ireland and we had to stop.

"Just one more turn"

The game is like Game of Thrones but in the real eastern hemisphere and without dragons.

Seems like Kanton Zรผrich is ramping up vaccinations. A lot of speculation amongst coworkers that maybe by end of month it will be open for Group N (majority of people). I am doubtful.

"I do not wish to join a club that would accept me as it's member" can be heard from the living room housing the super entitled, or from the office belonging to a math department's goofy set theory professor.

The cool air is clear and the sky has low clouds, the trees are brilliant shades of green. I can clearly see the forest across the valley from me, cradling a few hawks floating about their territory.

The person never got back to me after I replied that i live in Switzerland and would need a work permit and their last message said "We have a lot of employees in the EU it's normally not a problem let me check with my immigration lawyers about Switzerland and I'll get back to you."


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The alternative to NBSI "not blue shoot it", which is hostile to anything smaller than mega alliance, is NRDS "not red don't shoot", aka "give them a chance, if they are bad and then become red, then shoot". NRDS does the opposite by carving out space for medium and small folks to live.

However, NBSI is 1000x easier to manage than NRDS. But, I believe specialized federated software can help in this regard. Which would lower the barrier for the smaller indie guys in the game


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