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Hey @cj I forked the go-oauth2 repo and changed some stuff around (basically made client store into an interface instead of a struct):

This means that custom client stores using a more durable backend than in-mem can now be implemented in applications that use the library. For example here and here

Thought you might be interested in using that in go-fed apcore or wherever

A friend convinced me to join Democrats Abroad Switzerland and i only very reluctantly agreed to, because they're genuinely passionate about making shit work. I am not a member of the Democratic party not do I want to be.

Anyway, at one point the officers were calling the chair gringo, super cringe. 🤢🤮

Warum sind Seeräuber so schlecht in Mathe? Weil sie Pi raten. 😂

For example:

> "Pierce Morgan leaves Good Morning Britain"

I'm willing to bet a kidney neither Canada nor USA are in Britain, so why is this article under "US & Canada".

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I'm pretty sure BBC News created the "US & Canada" category just as an excuse to slap the Royal Family related drama items in front of as many Americans as possible.

A friend was asking about power metal of what I can only describe as the "cheesy" variety, so I got to share my "power metal bands that are basically a party of bards" list of Rhapsody of Fire, Hammerfall, Dream Evil, Dark Moor, Blind Guardian, Kamelot of the 2000's. The only modern thing I could point to was Gloryhammer and Nanowar, as I don't keep up with the genre anymore.

Looking back, it's funny that my friend's metal band's 19 minute song became a brief hit with the osu community. Life is strange.

The one undisputable good thing about EvE Online is the music.

"In Germany, under the law, everything is prohibited, except that which is permitted. In France, under the law, everything is permitted, except that which is prohibited. In the Soviet Union, under the law, everything is prohibited, including that which is permitted. And in Italy, under the law, everything is permitted, especially that which is prohibited."

why brain, why 

I have no clue why the fuck this is now stuck in my head as an earworm:

🎵🎵Vielleicht Navidad
Vielleicht Navidad
Vielleicht Navidad
Vielleicht Navidad
Próspero año möglicherweise

I wanna wish you a Maybe Christmas
I wanna wish you a Maybe Christmas
I wanna wish you a Maybe Christmas
From the bottom of my heart🎵🎵

I saw a guy on StackOverflow going like "WTF why would you go through 100x more effort to not use JSX instead of spending 5 mins setting up <large tool chain>".

Because of the stiff learning curve, every solution needing a new dependency or directory-watching transpilation tool, unbounded dependencies, increasing distance from the bare web. At least d3 managed to work with "raw js" without all this crap and not needing a new special language.

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I hate frontend web development. With some of my time temporarily away from ActivityPub stuff, I've been trying to learn React. Of course the tutorial doesn't work out of the box with my stick-to-as-few-deps-as-possible. Trying to use JSX requires babel which seems to require non-standard "exports" or "requires" words which means using webpack or $OTHER which means installing and running and learning about other tools.

All my certs and crashed servers should be back up. Except my own website, haven't wanted to fix the cross-compilation of Tor for a while 😅

If I had a gaming computer, I would play Valheim. They used Amon Amarth in their trailer, good enough for me.

YouTube Shorts recommendations suck. It thinks "Girls With Guns" and "Singles With Guns" and other weird sexually predatory political content will get me to click. Also who the hell makes this kind of content.

Wie bekannt ist Sophie Scholl in Deutsche Geschichte/Kultur?

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