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Good morning, uspol 

I wake up and apparently the objecting (R) fuckers apparently still haven't connected enough dots about events yesterday. Rotten to the core.

Well at least today S3RL has released one of his ridiculous upbeat memey collabs with DEFIbrilator

US Pol, Susan Collins 

Trump sure learned his lesson, eh?

Us Pol (Impeachment) 

Tomorrow I expect them to impeach and convict

Us pol 

Joe calls this borderline sedition, I'm wondering what is borderline about it.

I wasn't big on using the "fascist" label before, but now it's a pretty clear line to call these stupid fucks fascists.

Remember when Trump used tear gas on unarmed protesters in public streets? Wonder what he'll use on armed protesters inside the Capitol building. Oh, wait.

US Pol Breaking News? 

Maybe a bomb threat? They are clearing the halls outside of the room, based on the livestream coverage.

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US Pol Breaking News? 

They just pulled Pence & others away from the Senate hearings. Violence in DC?

US Pol Live Commentary 

Ted Cruz "just" wants a "fair tribunal" to hear the facts.

He must have forgotten about the >50 lawsuits for this, lol. Unless every Trump-appointed judge that oversaw those lawsuits was also rigged.

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US Pol Live Commentary 

Yep, Ted Cruz just invoked the election of 1876 and the "corrupt bargain" and led to the white supremacist Dixiecrats and the segregated Jim Crow South. That's what he wants. And thanks to Americans' poor historical education, they won't really know this.

Looks like Google now has a union, the AWU. It appears to not be a NLRB style union going for collective bargaining and 50%+1 membership, but the older and more traditional form.

EvE Online 

Invention and Faction Warfare have changed significantly since I last played.

Hurricanes are no longer the OP battlecruiser.

Railguns are no longer a joke.

It's like CCP took all the complaints from 2009-2012 and actually finally listened at some point, after the whole "walking in stations" fiasco.

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