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Yesterday I sprinted to get an experimental version of immutable datashards implemented in golang. Having something concrete that passes the test suite feels great, like OCAPs might actually become a thing.

There's still tons more hard work yet to come. Glacial pace of progress stinks, but it is better than no progress.

> test quits 10 minutes later

And this is how I learned golang has a built-in test timeout. >:(

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> CPU: 99.5%
> RAM: 7 MB

At least the streaming-based encoder means it isn't locking up my computer.

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> $ go test
> Just added test to encrypt 256 gibibytes

Well I'll be here a while I guess

When I put my hair up in a ponytail, which I struggle to do since I don't have the coordination nor muscle memory, I hear giggling coming from the area where my wife happens to be.

@pukkamustard @emacsen @ArneBab I got the code cleaned up & pushed:

One question I have is the streaming tests: "Content is the ChaCha20 stream using a null nonce and the key which is the Blake2b hash of the UTF-8 encoded test name". I understand that, but ChaCha20 is an XOR of an existing byte stream, it is not a byte generator itself. So what is the input stream into the ChaCha20 XOR operation, to generate the endless content?

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My cis privilege showing 

The trans community at work put together an empathy-building exercise where all of us cis folk simulated, for our lives, how life changing it is to go through the coming out process in 4 areas of life: health, life goals, job, and close family, and man I am still processing it. I've never assumed it was easy, but I've never earnestly sat down and diligently tried reflecting how that would impact my life.

@pukkamustard @emacsen @ArneBab FYI I got the ERIS test vectors to pass for encoding only. Haven't yet pushed up the code, nor have I attempted to do decoding yet. The structure of the code is ugly and i need to retrofit it to be able to properly return the level of the tree for the root reference.

Now that I've been doing accounting for our household for the past while, managing a budget, I'm trying to figure out how retirement works for our international situation, since no one makes it easy to figure out.

All I can say is that figuring out US Social Security is a nightmare. Swiss Pillar 1 is a simple equation with "years spent working in Switzerland" as the only variable.

US election lawsuits, pissed off federal judge 

That "non-zero number" of "people" in general is the Trump lawyer trying to evade and be lawyer-y deceptive *to a federal judge*.

The "member of the bar of this court" is a federal judge politely signalling "I'm angry, don't lie to me, if you do, it'll be a personal attack and a violation you'll have to answer for in an ethics tribunal around your membership on the bar."

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US election lawsuits, pissed off federal judge 

Background: PA lawsuit over "Republican poll watchers weren't allowed to be in the counting room"

Judge Paul Diamond: "Are your observers in the counting room?"

Trump Lawyer: "There's a non-zero number of people in the room"

Judge: "I'm asking you as a member of the bar of this court: are people representing the Donald J. Trump for president, representing in the plaintiffs, in that room?"

Trump Lawyer: "Yes"

Judge: "I'm sorry, then what's your problem?"

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US election lawsuits 

Man I hate PACER. I don't have access to about half the primary source documentation of Trump's legal actions. However, the complaints tend to be readily available and widely shared. The oral arguments I suspect will take time before they are available. Some of the opinions I can find.

Pretty much all of them, barring a settlement in a PA lawsuit, and a possible Supreme Court review in a PA lawsuit, were rejected injunctions due to lack of evidence.

I learned today that about a year ago they raised the can opener 8" and trucks are still hitting the damn thing.

Dream Theater 

> When a band adds "Part 1" to a song title as a joke

> The Part 2 is a whole album and it rocks

> Suddenly everyone is an election watchdog expert

> Me over here that was supporting a nonpartisan grassroots election watchdog org since 2008 that died off in 2018

Yeah, sorry, not going to trust what randos suddenly have to say on the Fedi if *this* is the election they suddenly care about "corruption" in.

This morning was some bookkeeping around apcore. I got the TODO's I've been sprinkling in the code as issues instead:

What is apcore? It aims to be a generic framework for building web applications. To lower the cost of developing small-software stand-alone federated apps. Comes with a whole slew of (opinionated / conventional) features.

Work still in progress.

[It isn't a "generic AP server", there is no such thing]

Mastodon won't let me scroll my timeline ("load more" doesn't work) so I can't find the note passing meme someone boosted of Karl Marx passing a note to a MAGA hat guy. Was funny. Darn.

Letting off more steam 

And, just to be clear, I want to avoid the irony of the above post & say I don't hold it against folks. I don't disapprove. Keep it up. Sometimes that kind of forceful rhetoric is needed to get through thick skulls, and it clearly gets stars and boosts.

I just am finding my own preferences, growing, on a journey to self-discovery, may change who I follow (who care bout that anyhow). It's just a pattern of online rhetoric+behavior I really, really don't want to participate in.

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Letting off more steam 

I am growing to absolutely detest the kind of rhetoric here that is, at best, "firm disapproval of a theoretical behavior/language from a non-specific 'other' person". Where's that XKCD... ah

My TL is covered w/ boosts of it

I *also* hate the behavior they're typically railing against. So it's not a matter of disagreement with the underlying idea. It's that the boosted rhetoric is formulated in a polarizing and dehumanizing way.

And I'm done w/ that rhetoric

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