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Looked at my apcore code. Thought "wat was I thinking" and am refactoring it heavily.

Definitely gonna be leveraging the jsonb type more heavily for Postgres, too. Though I kind of feel like I'm bastardizing the point of having database columns if I'm stuffing things into JSON fields instead.

Switzerland is the kind of place where my inebriated self stands slightly off the curb in the street but not really in the way of any cars (not that there are any cars at midnight in Zรผrich) outside of a heavy metal mead bar and another inebriated patron kindly asks me to stand on the sidewalk and not in the middle of the street and I do so and thank him and we both keep enjoying ourselves with no problems whatsoever.

This song wound up being exactly what I expected: a song about a celestial body.

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I hate it when people police the problems of others. 4 month old coworker is also young and trying to be dismissive towards me because of my OCD-derived concerns for some reason (I guess because there's also colorblind concerns and he views those as "more legit"? I don't know). And I'm making it clear to them that raising problems is not zero-sum: my personal criticism does not diminish, minimize, nor take away from the accessibility folks' concerns. But his behavior is indeed doing that @ me.

Hey @forgefed how is the gitea work going? With go-fed now documented at I figured it'd be somewhat easy to get gitea federation up and running but I saw the Forgefed documentation is still a work in progress. For ex, doesn't have anything for federated merge requests.

And how the hell did I miss that the metal cover of an animated fan song of a Minecraft joke bit between Simon and Lewis is now a Dwarven dance song with an Orc DJ and Elven strippers?

LOL @ Napalm Records and also WTF.

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Played some rounds of Among Us with randoms. A game is:
- 2/10 immediately disconnect
- 1 of the imposters always panic kills in front of someone else
- 75% of imposters don't know sabotage exists
- players get really bored and just want to vote in the first 10 seconds

I am really glad to have this particular documentation done because it was a glaring sore spot of what I really needed to brain dump.

Plus it directly relates to some of the questions I got in the BoF session for apconf. In particular, how to properly divorce/isolate an ActivityPub library from an application. It ain't easy/simple, as the interface definitions show.

I am hoping though that gitea/gogs folks are able to use it, whereas future apps use apcore instead, which is still a WIP.

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During the very little downtime at , I was inspired to hammer away at the glaring lack of documentation for the portion of the go-fed library on the website.

Now, that missing documentation has arrived. I managed to finish it tonight and get it pushed up:

I heard all the cool kids are going to the hallway track but here I am jamming to some Ensiferum.

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The first BoF sessions start now!

Room A: The fediverse as an educational platform:

Room B: Discovery for Interoperability:

This morning was spent re-potting my first Basil I propagated. I felt bad about the parent plant since when I cut it off, it just looked like a skinny twig. But the leaves are indeed beginning to sprout on either side, so it looks like it won't grow to be just one long spindly stick.

Will need to see if I need to start doing it to my other basil plants so they grow to be bushy. But then what the heck do I do with all this propagated basil? lol

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