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Today, I learned that in Australia and New Zealand, "demon" is a slang term for a police officer, from "Dee man" as in "Detective Man".

I am halfway towards completing the "Common" and "S2S" tests in the official test suite, as automated tests for the unofficial suite. There's now 44 such unofficial tests, which map to 23 of the 46 original ones. Unfortunately, one test still relies on the honor of the test-user.

It's not as "automated" as I like, so I think I need a new word. The server definitely sends/receives and diagnoses the software under test, but most tests require additional input or actions to be done by the test-user.

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Tom Cotton & 1619 Project 

Come see the fool's Orwellian bill that sounds like something straight out of 1984:

"(5) The 1619 Project is a racially divisive and revisionist account of history that threatens the integrity of the Union by denying the true principles on which it was founded

(6) The Federal Government has a strong interest in promoting an accurate account of the Nationโ€™s history through public schools and forming young people into knowledgeable and patriotic citizens."

"Years from now, when you talk about this -- and you will -- be kind"

> Never played Undertale
> decide to watch a playthrough
> oh hey markiplier has a playthrough
> go through 2 episodes
> no third episode
> apparently he got abuse and death threats for "not playing the game correctly" and doing "non-cannon voices"

What?! Did not realize Undertale had a toxic fanbase back in the day.

> DragonForce Write an Alestorm Song in 10mins Like Drink from Sunset On the Golden Age

Can't wait for "Alestorm Writes A DragonForce Song in 9mins"

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> Jake J REACTS to a boiled egg REACTS to Chris Bowes REACTS to Captain Yarrface REACTS to ALESTORM

Just a normal day in the heavy world.

Heute trage ich ein "Columbia" Marke Hemd. Gerade jetzt haben Leute mir gefragt, "bist du Colombiano?"


Down to just 4 more "MUST" S2S test cases to port over.

There's still 24 S2S tests to port over in general, though.

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I mention all of these just to show how ridiculous things were back then, and how little has been done since then to really make amends.

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US's Only Domestic Successful coup d'รฉtat 

...was in the post-Reconstruction South, in North Carolina, where white people in Wilmington were mad that the white-supremacy Democrats did not win, and forced at gunpoint the mostly-white elected city officials and white mayor to resign, and then declared Alfred Moore Waddell the mayor of Wilmington.

Waddell is a very racist man who created the term "race riot". You can still find his name plastered around NC.

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US History, NC & Reconstruction 

The first US State governor to be all of impeached, convicted, and removed from office was in North Carolina in 1870. William Woods Holden was the only NC governor to ever be impeached. Why?

Because he went farther than any other governor to suppress the violent Ki Klux Klan in the Kirk-Holden War, which was a goal of the Reconstructionist South. Once that ended w/ the Corrupt Bargain, racist whites took over & tore him up

He was pardoned in 2011, 141 years later

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US History 

In response to one colleague mentioning the slavery origins of policing, a coworker asked whether policing in the USA before the 60's really matters.

It was really hard to condense the history of Reconstruction, DoJ+Grant vs KKK, Corrupt Bargain, Redeemers, "Solid South", Jim Crow, Segregation, and such into a few paragraphs. But I attempted to explain.

Given their past actions though, I'm gonna guess they ignore me. He never (Won't? Can't?) addresses points I bring up.

"Beau" Of The Fifth Column 

...turns out someone else in ~2013ish timeframe had done their homework. There is still a website that links together the "friendly lefty" Justin King (aka "Beau" now) with the Justin King who once smuggled (not trafficked) over 200 women into the USA, with download links to the original court materials:

I've gotten the wayback machine to snapshot it.

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TL;DR: Friends don't let friends listen to Beau, there's better arguments out there made by people who are genuine.

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"Beau" Of The Fifth Column a YTer gaining popularity among "moderate Liberals" because of his Southern-accented, personable and relatable delivery of anarchist ideas.

But "Beau" is just a personality of Justin King in a form of adversarial journalism, whose goal is, unlike a satirical "Colbert" in "Colbert show" personality, meant to actually deceive to change minds.

Then there is the issue of Justin King being a convicted felon of smuggling women from Eastern Europe:

Apparently Krewella has a 2020 album. ๐Ÿคจ That's a name I haven't heard of in a loooooong time.

> When you have a Mozart song on the tip of your tongue and don't know the Kรถchel number


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