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Today I learned that Americans pay American taxes for non-American *wages* they earn while living abroad because the US Supreme Court (COOK v. TAIT) looked at how a foreign-built boat (an asset) was NOT taxed before (United States v. Goelet) which in turn looked at "embracing the exceptional exertion of the power to tax one permanently residing abroad" by saying "yep they successfully did it previously during the Civil War so feel free to do it again".

Hello fellow antifacists,

if you speak german, I could need your skills.
(boost appreciated to actually reach out to the german speaking side of the fediverse)


After discussions with the Wake County Board of Elections w/ our situation living abroad, they are letting my wife and I register there. Woo!

What is the difference between legal counsel and *senior* legal counsel? Is it just a tenure thing?

Covid, + 

The Swiss Federal council decided that beginning tomorrow, all COVID testing is free.

If the EU bans travellers from the US maybe my extended family will finally understand the reason I'm not going back for the holidays to visit them is because we don't want to catch COVID *there*.

Their warped reality is that somehow things are worse here in Europe still and "rah rah economy" or something.

The beta instance for, the federated link aggregator, has now enabled Blocking of users and Reporting of submissions and comments.

This all is done just with plain
#activitypub interactions.

Currently I'm thinking how to balance restricting the recipients of these moderation activities with an anonymized but public moderation log. Sigh...

If you're interested to take a look, please check out

Today I learned that according to JavaScript math:
"2" + 1 = 21
"2" - 1 = 1
Literally the definition of "new math": not even Fortran77 dared try this shit.

Sometimes I think back to the instance and am bummed that lil' community is gone.

Konstanz ist schรถn. Kreuzlingen auch.
Konstanz hat essen, Kreuzlingen hat Parks.

Wir haben eine kleine sรผss-Kartoffeln Pommes Frites bestellt. Wir haben jetzt eine grosse normalen-Kartoffeln Pommes Frites.


I know I'm not into rap, but how the hell did I miss that Donald Glover (from Derrick Comedy) is Childish Gambino.

About to finish "The Social Contract & Discourses" by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. About to start John Locke's "Second Treatise of Government and A Letter Concerning Toleration".

4.a: BIG change: "objectionable content" is how you & I can moderate your communities as you see fit. Now you can't, unless you call them "terrorists". Yes, literally.
4.b: "good faith" is indeed vague. Less vague is good, but I have no-good-faith this will end in a good spot, given *all* other bullets.
4.c: BIG: Explicitly overruling this court case effectively means 230 as we know it can be killed forever. Stratton Oakmont was 1 of 2 key cases motivating Sec 230.


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