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Weekend has come
I'll see you again
Monday to Fri
I'll wait for the time with you and
Oh my love, I'll lay in your arms
I kissing your lips
be no more away from you
So that is the time
I'm working on me
Forgot all the lone-ly nights with TV, I think
That will be never
my future I swear
Now what we need
a comeback again forever

"Weekend Has Come" - S3RL

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The first day we all went around the room discussing why we wanted to take the class. I recall that the girl that sat in front of me was one of the first in-vitro babies (in the state? Ever? Not sure) so the ethics of "playing God" was interesting to her.

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I was thinking about the gender inequality of my classes I took at NC State, and I realize now the ONLY one where there was 1 male (me) and 30+ females was the biomedical ethics class.

To be fair there was another guy but he dropped out during the first week grace period, and only seemed concerned about his romantic life.

"The unsuccessful self-treatment of a case of writer's block" by Dennis Upper is my kind of academic paper.

"Self-Congratulatory Civility Between Disagreeing Internet Commenters Honestly Worse Than Fight Would Have Been"

“God, I would rather these guys tell each other to fuck off than continue this preening exchange where they go on and on about how much they respect each other’s opinions”


Heard about an ongoing case, on birbsite, of targeted harassment so the harasser can get a vanity handle.

Can you imagine if someone was like "No, *I* want to be @cj!!" and kept mailing me pizzas or trying to swat me. Instead, there's an infinite number of @cj accounts thanks to the infinite number of domains.

So I guess here in the Fediverse we have to settle for the good old-fashioned "I'm a dick that harasses people" kind of harasser. And impersonators.

Coronavirus, personal 

The Swiss Federal Council has banned public and private gatherings of 1000 or more people over Coronavirus fears until March 15.

PragerU & YouTube: Freedom of Speech 

What is Animal Crossing? Is it like Stardew Valley?

I hate Century Media Records' ads on YouTube. Click on a music video for metal, and they run a pre-roll ad. Except the ad is the entirety of a different metal music video. This is dystopian. It is a bait-and-switch of full-length content. Either put effort to *advertise* the new albums/songs, or don't.

Imagine clicking a news segment video from $NEWS_GROUP about a topic, and then getting an ad that's a full segment from $NEWS_GROUP about a different topic. Lazy!

I fucking reported this shit.

If you are a developer, know , and have been wanting to make a application for the betterment of the , please consider go-fed.

I will happily consult with you for free (gratis) to help you determine if go-fed is even the right choice for your needs, and would like to help ensure you feel you're on a good path.

I'd like to see more ActivityPub apps out there!

If you're not a developer, or don't know golang, and would like to, check out

Hm, some offices around here are telling employees to go home or work from home because, for example, they had business trips to northern Italy last week.

I'm just resigned to fate. Coronavirus will blow through. It'll suck most for the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions. I'm not sure there's anything I can really do to help them out: there's no herd immunity to be had.

I can't believe the NC 'Canes had their goalie *and* backup goalie injured, so they had to call on the Zamboni driver to sub in the game, and he blocked 8 goals to beat the Maple Leafs! Oldest goalie (42) to win a regular-season debut in NHL history!

Apparently one of my favorite trance classics (Gigi D'Agostino - L'Amour Toujours) has had a sudden uptick in popularity because a new movie called "Uncut Gems" includes the song at the end.

Musical metalish albums that are (or almost) musicals:

Metropolis Part 2: Scenes from a Memory by Dream Theater

Z2 by Devin Townsend

Imaginaerium by Nightwish

Any others I am forgetting? I'm skipping over Rush for being too obvious a choice (but still good!).

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