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Who would want to collaborate on a "MUD"? I'm not thinking telnet though. Simple websocket based server.

So I sent them a link to Professor Dr. Reto Knutti (At ETH) and his presentation which mentions quite a few previous papers:

Cause I don't have time to babysit and teach the unwilling.

They're debating anthropogenic climate change because an ex Greenpeace co-founder is now doubting it, and Greenpeace of course is "a reputable organization when an ex-member says something I agree with and otherwise is a terrorist organization. Perfectly logical."

> Co-workers debating anthropogenic climate change.

What is this, 1985?

> Busts out Wigley and Schlesinger's "Analytical solution for the effect of increasing CO2 on global mean temperature" published in Nature.

PSA: If you have a database class with a "Delete" method be sure its vtable pointer is mapped to an address that is 2 bits different from all other methods. Would be a shame if a cosmic array affected a machine mid-execution...

Wow Fediverse is thirsty this Friday evening (US) / night (EU).

Had to update my profile picture to accurately reflect my general cognitive ability.

For context this is about the simple act of trying to get `w3id` into go-fed properly, instead of as a interface{} (the most generic thing in the world):

why the hell is all I hear "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"

How the fuck do you get a typeless dict stuck as a property value.

What's the point of having native typing anymore.

JSON-LD plus AS2 plus native static typing is a horrible thing that should never have existed.

Hot take: Don't lead with "Abolish ICE" 

"Something is wrong with the G-Diffusor"

Famous last words.

Unabashed Positivity 

Unabashed Positivity 

Unabashed Positivity 

Watching LilKirbs' speedruns, listening to him talk about the levels, and his *extreme* sarcasm I find soothing.

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