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> "Unfortunately, we live in an era where every contact we have with a stranger online must be viewed through the lens of scepticism," the FBI's Gregory Ehrie said.

LOL growing up I was constantly reminded "don't trust strangers on the internet". Did that knowledge stop propagating?

Remember that super spicy pepper I mentioned yesterday?

Uh oh.

Already had my mind blown today with a new perspective...

Long maternity and paternity leave in Scandinavian culture is the right of the child, irrespective of the wealth, social standing, and life choices of the parents.

I imagine if this argument was told to my American family they'd be caught with their britches down, because they're too focused on complaining about "lazy adults".

Lastly, I've *still* been working behind the scenes towards some of the original ideas I hinted at last FOSDEM ~8 years ago. But I am still tied up in not fun conversations, and am in "legal counsel" territory on that one. :(

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Also I have a coworker that is considering leaving our place of employment in order to build better software for activists and online communities. I think maybe it stems from the HK protests and the crazy tools they've been using? Anyway, they are already aware of the and so time will tell if the dev community gets another person in their midst.

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After this improvement it will be time to go through the stuff @ben sent me for and take another baby step to getting that thing done.

Alright, -fed/httpsig now...
1) has all its unit tests passing for both signing AND verifying for the tests in Appendix C of the draft spec; and
2) is prepped to handle Digest headers so clients don't have to, when both signing and verifying. No more manually base64 encoding a sha of a body.

Once again the fact that in golang you can't read a http.Request.Body multiple times, really stinks.

Oh good God this pain. I accidentally ate an entire super spicy pepper an hour ago and my whole body is still in pain. Gosh darn dang frickin pepper is destroying me inside.

#apconf is really close !

So much looking forward to see you in #Praha –

Most organizers will travel 9 hours tomorrow, so if you have any questions it would be nice to ask them now.
We are also #apconf in IRC …

#ActivityPub #Conference #Prague
Wishing safe and happy travels !

#Federation #Fediverse, please share the word, there is a TOOT button :

Wife: "Should I do X or Y?"
Me: "Yes, you should." πŸ€ͺ
Wife: πŸ™„

One thing I would've liked to talk to folks at is what a website at would look like. Documentation, technical details, user guides?

Oct 4th another album will be released, I hope it kicks ass. A great day for metal.

Crazy to think a decade ago I was a freshman in college jamming to Down With The Sun

I still support the movement to and, more generally, the right for federated servers to block other federated servers so they can build the communities they want.

Billy Idol: "With a rebel yell, she cried --"
Billy Idol: "In the midnight hour, babe --"
Billy Idol: "With a rebel yell, she cried --"
Bob Marley: "STAND UP, STAND UP!"

Bill McClintock fans will get this.

Alright it's about time to give the new album my first spin.

Last time I did this, Gears of War was the big blockbuster game, Chamillionaire's "Ridin" was a chart topper song and the second Pirates of the Caribbean was the big movie.

How do you pronounce different file endings?

.tar = tar
.doc = doc
.txt = text
.sql = squizzle
.html = H T M L
.bashrc = bash R C
.gz = giz
.git = git

Boris and Brexit 

The suspension of civil liberties (parliament) to fulfill a populist desire should be a red line for citizens that like democracy.

So it's been fired ever since, 'cause the residents are used to it.

We called it the "Come home & make me a sandwich Cannon"

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