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Mastodon where's your notification and incoming rate limiting?

Wenn ich Deutsch sprechen...

45% => "Können Sie wiederholen, bitte?"
35% => "Können Sie langsamer sprechen, bitte?"
15% => "Sprechen Sie Englisch?"
5% => aktuelles Gespräch auf Deutsch

Cloudflare + 8chan + ❄️ 🍑 

S3RL + Anime + Internet Memes + Jojo Reference + Furries + NSFW Hentai + Aheago + (etc.... you get the idea) 

Fire Emblem Black Eagle (Major Spoilers) 

...and then to think the giant 1 GW turbine at Gösgen Kernkraftwerk we got to visit is ~3,000 of these boat engines, and it really puts into scale the power of the atomic nucleus compared to chemical reactions.

Yesterday was the Swiss National Day and I got to do an evening ride in the >100 year old steam paddle boat "Rapperswil" (named after the city).

The thing is still in regular service and you can watch the 375kW engine chug!

Lol Larry blocked me, after starting up a political discussion, and being disrespectful. This is after accusing me of "being political on a tech forum" and disrespecting me with the Southern "have a nice day" which means "fuck you". Some people are incapable of self examination. I'll be reflecting on this conversation, I hope he does too.

Also this is a baby artichoke plant, and it's already a big'un. I've noticed not all my artichoke plants have the same style leaves, some are rounder and some are spikier.

I hope the damn bird enjoys that garlic, I worked fucking hard so he or she could eat it.


It's been taking me forever to figure out why it seems like my potato plants suddenly flattened, why garlic plant stalks were suddenly snapping, why their bulbs were becoming uncovered.

I went to dig up a quarter of the garlic today (~10 plants) since they had been periodically dying off. But no, all but 2 were fucking gone. How the hell do birds like garlic. I'm not a farmer and it's only 25 m2 but damnit I'm gonna need a scarecrow.

Anyone have recommendations for an attorney well versed in US intellectual property law, specialization in US software patents.

Caveat: they'd also need to be somewhat familiar with Swiss worker intellectual property rights as well.

USA, Racism, Censorship 

Lol had listed as C2S client library and nothing more on the page. Thats the total opposite of what it actually is.

So I edited the page. Hopefully it sticks.

Fire Emblem 3 Houses (Femdom?) 

Fire Emblem 3 Houses (No Spoilers) 

Fire Emblem 3 Houses (No Spoilers) 

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