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I am setting up a dedicated 0.17.3 (experimental) server! Who wants to go shortly?

> Get email about go-fed and medical RDF data.

Whoa. That's a domain I hadn't thought of.

Who on the wants to go and play a new 0.17 map tonight? I am wondering if I should set up a dedicated server.

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ Swiss Fediverse: If I needed to consult a lawyer familiar with copyright (in CH and internationally), what is the best German word for this kind of lawyer?

The introduction of modules breaks go-fed's build.

Major sadness. :(

This question is probably better suited for a lawyer. For example, I know a lot of Open Source company models have been "for-profit corporation" with "free copyleft + paid proprietary" or "free BSD + paid tech support" etc. But I realized I don't really know if anyone in the US has gone the Charity / Charitable Organization route instead. If it's even possible.

Is it possible to run open source development as a 501(c)(3) organization?

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If I give them a credit card number they could fix it. I wonder if they accept the debug/testing credit card numbers...

I keep getting daily phone calls from various "strangers" in my area code in NC helpfully telling me with a robot voice that I am at risk of losing my social security benefits that I am apparently collecting 37 years too early.

Played a little bit of Oxygen Not Included tonight, it is my third or fourth attempt at a world and I *finally* feel comfortable with how power and transformers work. It helped that I learned to blitz for the snow biome for wheezewart (the cold plant) so that I don't heat-death the colony when centralizing oxygen production (which is how I lost every previous playthrough).

It's political season in Switzerland. I still need to learn about the political parties more... SVP vs SPS vs FDP vs CVP vs GPS vs ...

Still can't vote but I should at least figure out my municipality's state of politics.

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Preview of go-fed v1.0.0 has been merged into master. Check the updated README. Expect blog post within the next several days.

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