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Now, if there's one thing inmates have a lot of, it is time. When they are locked up in prison and awaiting a death penalty that will never come because the State has suspended executions, then they spend a lot of time listening to the radio, at all hours of the night.

You can probably tell where this is going...

Speaking of heavy , in my university days I was a DJ in (and later director of) the heavy metal department at the student radio station, which has a 25,000 Watt transmitter.

That was a crazy time, let me tell you.

For example: next to our university is the State's prison, including inmates on death row.

Speaking of heavy and writing hardcore table tests for go-fed, I am () Kalmah's Palo, which is no Swamplord but probably a more accessible piece of their discography.

70,000 Tons is a cruise ship full of shows. Apparently this year there's a bunch of Pikachus in Kalmah's mosh pit!

Who wants to play today or this weekend? Unfortunately I do not have a good comp to host.

Also I still need to pass feedback to the ValueFlows folks who have now asked me twice to look at how they're mapping their RDF definitions to ActivityStreams... oops. :(

Here's to hoping one day we could federate the extensions for and . Hopefully I can announce the project once I get go-fed v1 done and launched.

The lack of extra time stinks.

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I'm awake enough to use my house keys on my work's badge scanner.

Morgen. Heute muss ich zu Arbeit fahren und mehr Deutsch schreiben.

Sometimes I wonder if I am insane for taking the ~150 samples from the spec just to hand write serialization tests against each one.

Makes migration really slow and painful, due to porting tests. But hey its bragging rights I guess.

> Person on HN asks about app similar to Reddit

> I mention Anancus, Prismo, one to-be-announced

> Another user swoops in with a lengthy solution almost adamantly involving only Mastodon: Mastodon backend with a Reddit UI.

πŸ€” I don't think I have a Spidey Sense, but something feels very wrong on multiple levels here: Technologically, fediverse-health-wise, protocol-understanding-wise.

Maybe I should blog more. πŸ€”

For those that don't know that's me on the far right in the video.

If anything was a great way to get motivated. The bandwidth for physical interactions are very large, with minimal latency, lots of sidechannels, and occasionally handshaking errors or data transfer problems. Digital interactions are great but much harder to project humanity through.

It's been a busy day. It's almost 3AM so brain think not good.

Thanks for talking to me. You all know who you are.

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