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The new go-fed serialization and deserialization implementation is slowly coming alive. It's really cool to see something that started out so theoretically demanding finally taking practical shape.

an oldie but goodie heavy song about a tragedy of Cรบ Chulainn from the Ulster Cycle of Irish Mythology. Which tragedy? You need to listen to find out!

"The Red Branch knights are gathered
For Ulster's honour at Baile's strand

Hither from across the waves
A young boy with a merry face
But armed as if for fighting
Came onto the shore
'Thou shall not land on Erin's soil',
Cuinaire cried out,
'Until thou hast revealed thy name!'"

I unlocked my main character from the SSB Melee days (Young Link) in World of Light just about as late as possible as I could. :(

But at least now I am a rockin' Samus.

Serious Infinity War Hot Take 

TIL about bullet journaling. I'm going to skip the hype and try the practice, I think.

Political Philosophy 

* Dons a pirate hat and puts on Scottish accent and plays some *

I got a hangover. Whoooaaaahhh.

Finally added a Code of Conduct to the main go-fed repo:

It seems really sucky that victims would have to report me, to me. Is this normal?

I am writing a code generator manager that manages the code that generates code which manages other code that is generated, and it also used by the code that generates code which is being managed by the code generated by this code generator manager.

Young Link is my favorite Super Smash Bro character, glad he's back in the rotation.

Still dislike adult Link because his move set is nothing like the original / Melee move set.

It's been a little over a year of working on go-fed. It's been tough thinking about how best to put on . While v0 works and has had a few awesome adopters, I'm really looking forward to the next year and enabling go devs to build Federated apps. My wish list of things Id like to do:

- Release v1
- Get a better website up
- Advertise it to the Go community
- Get my blog federated
- Reexamine ForgeFed
- Play with the federated wiki idea
- Look at the federated fanfic doc again

I can't remember if I aรถready asked this: Is it better to have a Code of Conduct per GitHub repo or have one repo in an org be the "code of conduct" repo for the entire org (and apply to all sibling repos)?

Had a great time in Bellinzona yesterday. Swiss Italian side of the Alps is definitely beautiful. Only made it to 1 out of 3 castles. Also didn't know that it houses the Swiss top-level Federal court, so stumbling upon it was kind of neat. Got to go through Gotthard Railway Tunnel twice (Elon's tunneling is nothing compared to the Swiss lol).

Finishing Haidt's "Righteous Mind" book is really difficult. Because he is incredibly disingenuous and one-sided. I am only halfway through and he is arguing for group evolution and still refuses to address the elephant in the room: an 'H' event that resulted in the death of millions of people.

His over use of metaphor undermines his arguments. His chicken "group evolution" example is deceitful. Applying his own logic to himself leads to a tautological reduction, which he wouldn't believe in.

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