LOL Amsterdam blasting Caramelldansen during quarantine is awesome. Would love to bring the dance back.

@emsenn It's such an expensive school, and their endowment is a pretty $8 billion too. You'd think they should be able to afford paying their staff.

US Media + Sexual Assault 

New pet peeve: People saying "C V Nineteen" instead of "Covid Nineteen". Is the abbreviation really worth it

Why don't I see all those enamored Thanos fans out there who thought he was cool/right licking every doorknob and inhaling every sneeze.

@TruculentSheep Of course. Sheep vote for wolves because the wolves can't possibly eat all the sheep. Those sheep weren't worthy anyway.

3.2 million people in the USA filing for unemployment. Holy moley.

re: Covid-19, NC Politics 

Covid-19, NC Politics 

@stolas Yes, to live test against Mastodon, because unfortunately there is not much other way nor tool available.

@stolas I'm confused by "that server in a server" comment. But for Mastodon compatibility yes the webfinger response needs to contain a mapping for the `@user@instance` to IRI.

go-fed's v1 S2S tutorial has been updated once more:

still needs more work. requires more proofreading. etc.

Brought to you be caffeine. and late night. Tired now. Goodnight.

@cryptix Hey I addressed my second bullet above, by adding a new section called "An ActivityPub Mindset":

Hopefully you find this useful. Also, I finished fleshing out all the other sections minus the final one.

@cryptix Thanks, great feedback and suggestions!

Items added to my TODO:
- tag v1.0 (I've been lazy)
- Explain the interfaces at a high level, towards the beginning of the tutorial.
- For methods being overridden, link them to the library's GoDoc entry.
- Review all the golang comments to make sure they are helpful once someone clicks on them.

I'll revisit the "Hello, world" app idea later. While I like it a lot, I can't make any commitment on that at this time.

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