@alcinnz There are no merge conflicts, everyone maintains references to other's articles. The sharing is only in Activity objects which don't require merges. A server could render diffs as part of it's UI, but at the data store level it's not tied to gits unintuitive federation. Using git to federate on a topic would require cloning abuse, some odd branch abuse, or merging headaches.

@alcinnz I was thinking each AP server is a viewpoint on a collection of topics, and servers federate with each other the create/updates to their topics. Don't really know the UX treatment for diffs but at least folks would be able to somehow get links to the federated topics hosted at a different site.

@alcinnz @nutomic I don't think so. `git clone` and `git pull` on a monorepo for a single topic is not a very efficient way to "federate" and will result in all sorts of merge conflicts depending on who views which fork is "origin" and wants to "upstream" their changes.

Better is for each server to host the same topics following a convention, and feeling free to federate alternative entries on topics from their peers as each is their own source of truth.

@nutomic Sound alike you would want to extend the ActivityStreams vocabulary though? Or are the core+extended types sufficient?

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I hope Osada multithreading gets fixed soon, it's really hard to go to the root of a conversation, read all replies, guess which message the Osada user replied to, go back to root, go down to the correct Osada reply, and reply to the Osada user.

Instead of building a tree of messages that fans out, Osada just sticks every one of their user's replies under the root message.

It's making the Fediverse really hard to follow.

This is a decade old!? Here, have some happy/uk hardcore (thank you Brits!).

Dj Hixxy - More & More


@temporal On a real note though, doesn't water vapor count as a form of airborne particulate?

@temporal I think the problem is that your humidifier isn't in a frictionless, perfectly spherical room (that's also a vacuum).

@lain went back through my old external hard drive and found a folder wasting a lot of space -- ain't nobody got time for that.

@dansup <3

Super excited to watch you succeed and thanks for taking my playful jest well.

@fence OK so the best I can do right now is it is definitely an artist descendent of Alphazone -- maybe something along the line of Aly & Fila (parallel to this generation) or DJ Lee vs Megara (still too old of a generation)? Hard to say, I mostly remember stuff <2010, but I am willing to be this was made after 2010 due to the quality of the instruments.

@fence I have half a mind to upload it to YouTube and see if ContentID works, lol.

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