I've been through 1 security check and 2 different passport controls and still have a high probability of getting a random security screening at the gate. And I haven't even gotten into a plane yet.

Why 2 of everything? Because 'murica.

Been at the airport for 5 hours. Still 2 more to go before takeoff.

Having to recschedule everything because the first leg of a multi-flight journey got cancelled sucks.

@kaniini also I will in the future not try to get myself tagged in untagged content. It was my first time getting flooded and I didn't want to miss anything. An honest mistake on my part. I'm sorry.

I also want you to know you (or anyone else) can keep me blocked or unblocked. I don't take offense, I understand people block because they're taking care of themselves and their communities first and foremost. And I respect that.


@kaniini It wasn't my intention to ruin your day or week when I brought this idea out for commentary. It's precisely because I know I'm not knowledgeable in the app-land, and I haven't been in all the Mastodon or Pleroma or $software debates, that I wanted community feedback. I'm privileged, and ignorant, and willing to make myself look like an idiot to find the right path.


@kaniini I hear you. It took me a while to realize the "exercising digital rights" (which is what I had focused on) lead to the "abuse" and therefore security concerns. I appreciate you & others making this clear to me

I've been in protocol land for so long, this is my first foray into the app side of things. So I am stumbling through the unusual capabilities of apcore (oauth and AP server) and wanting to explore. I could've done better at emphasizing its explorey-ness.


First leg of flying, the flight to JFK, is completely cancelled. Off to a good start today.

@mariusor I'm not reveling in it, I was getting useful feedback from them (and they were tired of giving it to me).

They were basically railing against me (unnamed) in public but had some good points, I asked them to tag me in those posts. After the second time I asked them, they blocked me.

I think they mistook it as me trying to maliciously start up something instead of me trying to handle the floods of criticisms I was getting at all angles, and not wanting to miss any.

@catgirl Yeah. After your comment and others, it's an idea I'm glad I pursued, I got to hear your feedback and others', but it's pretty clear it's a terrible idea.

@schmittlauch Exactly, this is why I'm not pursuing it any more. :) With helpful feedback such as yours!

Follow up: I'm not going forward with this idea.

It was a proposal, sorry for misunderstandings it caused.

Details as to why in the follow-up post, which I've documented for posterity so others in the Fediverse can use as a reference against pursuing similar ideas if they come up in the future:

@kick @kaniini Yeah, that's on me, something to work on in the future. My written communication always can do with improvement.

@kick @kaniini And yes I do initially push for ideas because I want to give it a good spin... but part of it is letting go.

Plus if I can get it documented, then others won't have to come up with the same bad idea next year.

@kick @kaniini Lol it sucks that it sounds like you're surprised I'm taking feedback into account. I shared it, I wanted feedback, I didn't know if it was good or bad!

@kick @kaniini Yeah, I'm writing up a follow-up post of mine and am working through all the feedback. Since it's my first foray into trying to think through a problem like this, I think I will land on the "not push" side. Which also means 0 additional engineering effort.

@kick @kaniini Yeah I agree, sending a letter of last resort sucks. Fortunately, a bad actor would probably fuck over a lot of people and become easily identifiable if the expectation is self-service.

Then, pooling resources would be easier.

It's not perfect, but I think it may be better than the current standard (but am getting flak for that)

@matrix07012 I agree it's a nightmare, that's why I tend to favor self-service solutions. Let the user get educated, understand, and make those choices.

@kaniini Beyond deletes, what about self-service "right to know"? And easily list the federated data on you? And some of the other end-user rights?

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