@felix Gotcha. Yeah right now the testsuite only knows about how to test [a subset of] the ActivityPub spec. It doesn't have Mastodon, Pleroma, lemmy, nor any other kind of app-specific tests for compatibility.

But it could one day.

@felix Yep I just confirmed that. Unfortunately the:

`application/ld+json; profile="w3.org/ns/activitystreams"` is a MUST


`application/activity+json` is a SHOULD

in the spec.

Also about to restart the server to update the font, which will wipe test state.

@icedquinn @lanodan Aha, I see your ultimate goal is to fill up my browser's bookmarks! I'm on to you and your trail of success!

So, uh, wow, the previous message was eerily timely. Jon Oliver mentioned it in his latest Last Week Tonight show on examining the way history is taught in the USA, particularly relating to the ongoing movement for racial equality.

I can vouch that my expensive school's history classes indeed failed me because I did not learn of ๐Ÿ‘† the previous message until a month or two ago, which is way too late by a few decades.

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@icedquinn @lanodan One part of me wants to be silly and say "The internet is a sphere, there are no corners!" or "yeah but now you can write assembly for your backends *and* frontends" but also I had never heard of seaside before so in all seriousness thanks for mentioning it -- learning about this is great!

@icedquinn @lanodan LOL! It's also over a decade of every year repeating "I don't need to learn a javascript framework yet, I'll wait 'til things calm down next year when I really need it" and so far this recursion has not stopped.

Man I feel like a door-to-door tupperware salesperson....

I'm only about halfway through my list of people trying to reach out to see if they're interested in contributing one or more of their long-form blog posts into a digital library that can be a hub of protocol and general meta kind of content.

Trying to start something grassroots like this coordinating across lots of people in a cold-call way feels tough and uncomfortable, for me.

@ArtistMarciaX Hello! I hope you are well.

I am looking to build out a digital library of long-form writings (blogs, etc) on the topic of ActivityPub & the Fediverse in general that are contributed to the library by members of the community.

I am trying to seed it so it doesn't launch on day 1 as completely empty.

I was wondering if I could DM you to discuss further. Only if you are interested.

> "weg mit die maske die uns zu sklaven macht" - Anti-Masken-Demonstrant (Berlin Aug 1)

OK sicher๐Ÿ˜‚ Wenn ich mehr Nachrichten auf Deutsch lese, lerne ich auch, wie man dieses lรคcherliche Zeug sagt ๐Ÿ™„

@weirdwriter Unfortunately, no.

The source material (very slow to load):


TL;DR: Starts off with accusations about freedom 0, others and myself try to correct him, I *almost* got him to concede but he tries to defend it anyway, some dude named Xinayder mocks me & my interpretation of freedom 0 and says only RMS (not me) can make this determination, someone else reaches out to RMS and turns out RMS had the same exact interpretation.

@zaun To be fair, the AP spec is very unusual and vague compared to other specs written in ISO or RFCs.

And sorry, I'll keep writing custom backends :P

HN being HN 

@faho Oh wow.

I recently popped back onto the other side of the Fediverse and confirmed that yep, I'm still not missing out on any compelling speech that blares "we're of free thought and therefore constructing well-made arguments", especially when each post comprises of anywhere from 1-4 slurs.

I've found more meaningful human connections on this side.

Lots of people like to accuse people who criticize Gleason of promulgating "cancel culture" when they either don't know or ignore the fact that Gleason tried to deplatform and cancel *a whole entire Fediverse app* by an indie developer because he had a fundamental misunderstanding of FLOSS and it required massive community effort to get him educated and to drop it, without offering any apologies that I am aware of.

HN being HN 

Not surprised to see that an HN thread about Pleroma is trying to siphon folks over to Gleason's soapbox, literally.

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