I've really never ever seen anyone attempt to smoke on a plane, until today.

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Der Flugbegleiter hat dem schnell ein Ende gemacht. Leider roch die ganze Flugzeugkabine nach Rauchen.

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Während des Fluges von Zürich nach Amsterdam, hat ein Person eine "Vape" rauchen angefangen. 😐

@dachary I've been asked a few times. :) Core problem is it relies on active HTTPs connections and the spec explicitly forbids localhost, so it would require a bit of an overhead to get set up. Since each CI tool/environment is fairly custom, I haven't looked at any particular one.

@dachary Hey, do you think this an internal error with the test suite, or an error in the application under test, or unsure and need help debugging?

Person at work thinks sharing "taxation is theft" memes is peak political activism and I hate it.

Je näher die Reisezeit kommt, desto möchte ich weniger draussen gehen. Es wäre scheisse, ein positives PCR-Test vor dem Flug zu bekommen.

🤦 apparently Twitter's "Tip Jar" integration with PayPal has the side effect of sharing the tipper's billing address to the recipient. 🤔

Ah, yes, i remember tipping wait staff in the US and telling them where I live.

A friend got me to play Crusader Kings 3 with him. 3 hours later I was on the verge of uniting the kingdom of Ireland and we had to stop.

"Just one more turn"

The game is like Game of Thrones but in the real eastern hemisphere and without dragons.

Seems like Kanton Zürich is ramping up vaccinations. A lot of speculation amongst coworkers that maybe by end of month it will be open for Group N (majority of people). I am doubtful.

"I do not wish to join a club that would accept me as it's member" can be heard from the living room housing the super entitled, or from the office belonging to a math department's goofy set theory professor.

The cool air is clear and the sky has low clouds, the trees are brilliant shades of green. I can clearly see the forest across the valley from me, cradling a few hawks floating about their territory.

The person never got back to me after I replied that i live in Switzerland and would need a work permit and their last message said "We have a lot of employees in the EU it's normally not a problem let me check with my immigration lawyers about Switzerland and I'll get back to you."


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@witchescauldron @Hamishcampbell But don't confuse my idle thoughts here for commitment nor action... this is only just thinkin'. My actual efforts are elsewhere.

@witchescauldron @Hamishcampbell I was thinking of keeping it entirely external from the game. Just independent forum software, that can use eve's API for tools.

Those tools then let the small grassroots groups of gamers in the game begin to compete against the megablobs, who today have the centralized forums and mega tools in their custom non-federating code.

@Hamishcampbell Anyway, my main point was simply thinking about connecting the human beings that play the game with each other, as a concrete usecase example.

I understand it isn't exciting for you, and those gamers are probably not your target audience...

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