@maloki I think giving the option for whitelisting is fine. But for a systemic change, I'd like to keep federation open.

Example: I could have a public address and the whole world starts with a stamp. Once someone sends me a message, it's used up and I can decide whether to give them another or not.

Another: I have a public address that's heavily filtered, but can easily create direct-line private addresses to give to someone so they can reach me directly.

There's many other ideas.

@maloki Talked with @emacsen a little about this while I was in NYC.

Whitelisting fundamentally removed the federative nature of the network. It is incredibly hard for new folks to prove themselves. Which is intended: going from default-open to default-closed changes the burden from receiver to sender.

However there's some cool ideas around using OCAP and/or social-oriented software features ("stamps") to try to aid folks in managing spam and abuse. W/o nuking openness

@mariusor lol! But when you don't, I listen. Hopefully, you feel like you're being heard, too.

Bad Pun 

@hypolite Yes, I will try. I hope to get your honest feedback along the way -- I try not to let it get me down, and I try to make it so I don't come off as hateful and close minded.

I don't always succeed and people like @mariusor already call me out (which is super helpful). :)

@hypolite It's all a public performance for The Reader, so I might as well dance too. Hopefully provide a more compelling alternative for such readers.

And I'm no authority on this matter. I have a lot of growing left to do for myself. I'm not undermining myself by acknowledging it, but signaling that I'm still trying to find my Daoist way.

This is why I challenge the folks espousing the fear directly. I get to see what rule they'd like to see instead. Unfortunately, this means they may have to confront ugly feelings they have inside, because they haven't thought about the rule theyd like to see instead. And it could be illiberal.

But that means they have an opportunity to reflect and grow, understand themselves and work through it. But it requires moving outside that fear of *applying* a policy, to being empowered to change it.

Look, I get the fear behind "What about X" and "where does it end" b/c then we're talking about *applying* some rule/policy/law. That's where, instead, a person has an opportunity for activism instead of fear. Change the rule/policy/law. If powerless, advocate changing it. Maybe the change is just more specific, clearer language. Maybe the system needs an overhaul.

Pick something to advocate instead of being fearful and spreading that fear. One will learn more about oneself that way.

Rant - The Deception of Fascism (How it lures people in) 

And the immigration officials hier sind Kantonspolizei. Sie sind sehr freundlicher als CPB even though I'm merely a resident hier und ein Amerikanischer Bรผrger dort.

Back in CH, und mein Autokorrektur korrigiert Wรถrter von Englisch nach Deutsch lol. I kid you not. Naja.

@mdszy No problem, I was before this flight got both a delay and gate change

@mdszy ...I wouldn't go that far. I despise their viewpoints but don't wish for peoples' demise to be hastened.

@mdszy Don't forget if Boomers/seniors need to get reeducated they get to skip a significant proportion of tuition and fees instead of facing their life choices, those same generic "life choices" they like to blame on the young who need assistance.

> Facebook post about $1.5 Trillion student debt vs $1.4 Trillion Australia GDP
> Aunt replies about how if millennials would not focus on "Buddhist Studies" degrees it wouldn't be a problem

This is the *tame* shit I have to put up from my family.

I wonder what my great grandfather, full Chinese who fled the mainland with his daughter during the civil war, would think about the Hong Kong protests.

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