@mike @jaywink is your fork of nodeinfo still alive, or should folks use the OG nodeinfo at version 2.1?

@emacsen LOL! I was thinking similarly: fork one of them, and adding U+180E somewhere for easy distinction, as everyone can handle zero-width spacing, right?

Ah, this fork is all related to the whole diaspora guy wanting to over-specify everything and be overly restrictive.

No capital letters allowed in your software name.

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There appears to be a difference between the NodeInfo 2 and NodeInfo2 protocols...?

Paradise Lost Lyrics 

But this one-way street you're on...
...you'll never be fulfilled

And this one-way street you're on...
...is gonna get you killed

Peertube Moderation / Conspirationism / Hate speech 

+cc @ashfurrow FYI

Nothing is spicier than an email thread discussing financial planning for retirement with at least one outspoken person trying to push bitcoin.

@absturztaube auch gut. Ich habe gerade jetzt einen Kafe getrunken. Ich fรผhle mich bereit fรผr den Tag.

@kensanata ๐Ÿค” ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Ja, ich verstehe in General aber die Zeit oder die Absicht is auch sehr wichtige. Ich habe viele Unterhaltunge vermasselt.

Ich finde diese Thema schwierig:
- Plusquamperfekt
- Passiv mit werden
- Konjunktiv II

Sehr wichtige.

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