I'm pretty sure BBC News created the "US & Canada" category just as an excuse to slap the Royal Family related drama items in front of as many Americans as possible.

Balldo (sex toy) 

I cannot stop laughing! A friend mentioned this and I was like "WTF". Apparently, it's a real thing. Balldo wants to turn guys' ballsacks into dildos. Their website looks like a Silicon Valley style website.

Seems like a great way to get testicular torsion and/or ballbusted...

But hey, I won't stop someone else from having their fun.

I've only ever heard, when describing something diagonally-directed (for ex: across an intersection), of calling it "catty-corner". I was $TODAY years old when I learned "kitty-corner" also exists. And like I thought, it is a Yankee thing.

The map/study is from my Alma Mater so it's legit.

Today I learned that in Switzerland, Samurai swords are not weapons.

Heute habe ich gelernt, dass in der Schweiz Samurai Schwert keine Waffen sind.

I re-watched the coverage Stephen Colbert did on a KKK rally back in the Daily Show days and totally forgot he had satirically said "these are just good people, y'know, good folk" to Jon Stewart's face.

Boy could you imagine if that was ever said sincerely. By a sitting US President. With the backing of millions of American votes.

As promised, the "very" efficient 1MB gif of a payload an order of magnitude smaller (mostly due to wasted QR code space and GIF being a terribly inefficient format).

But, fun fact, this ran the image through the OCAP prototype, so it's encrypted, chopped up, and you can't fingerprint the original file size.

Marked sensitive b/c it's just annoying to look at.

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I learned today that about a year ago they raised the can opener 8" and trucks are still hitting the damn thing.

So, uh, WTF chrome. Even Safari loads it fine. I'm sure there's some sort of cache I need to clear. Yay...

And how the hell did I miss that the metal cover of an animated fan song of a Minecraft joke bit between Simon and Lewis is now a Dwarven dance song with an Orc DJ and Elven strippers?

LOL @ Napalm Records and also WTF.

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