I don't speak corn. I'm not sure if this coloration is something to be concerned about. I think this plant (and the next few in the row) haven't been enjoying the damp soil and lack of sun due to the rainy, cloudy, humid days we've been getting.

Yesterday was the Swiss National Day and I got to do an evening ride in the >100 year old steam paddle boat "Rapperswil" (named after the city).

The thing is still in regular service and you can watch the 375kW engine chug!

Also this is a baby artichoke plant, and it's already a big'un. I've noticed not all my artichoke plants have the same style leaves, some are rounder and some are spikier.

I like shaving yaks.

Since apcore is basically geared to be a hand-holdy experience for both developers (building AP servers quickly) and admins (quickly get them up and running), I am adding Clarke the ASCII Art Cow to guide admins using the command line tool.

Welp I'll chalk this up as a success and go to bed.

"Powered by go-fed"

You, too, can go-fed yourselves

Looks like `github.com/microcosm-cc/bluemonday` will do the job.

So I don't have to stare at comments like this (see attached)

> Where did my laptop battery go.
> Oh I am still trying to get an animation of trippy colors of fractals.

At least the stills only take ~1 minute to generate.

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