I am sitting here imagining Tipper Gore as a grandmother who won't let her grandkids buy music online so she can go with them to buy albums that don't have her sticker on them.

B/c if she doesn't she's a massive hypocrite. The argument against these labels was "nobody got time for listening to your kids albums to see if they are explicit". Now we've just lowered the bar to have this sticker basically be meaningless noise anyway, and parents don't even pay attention to them.

Ref: youtube.com/watch?v=S0Vyr1TylT

Had a great time in Bellinzona yesterday. Swiss Italian side of the Alps is definitely beautiful. Only made it to 1 out of 3 castles. Also didn't know that it houses the Swiss top-level Federal court, so stumbling upon it was kind of neat. Got to go through Gotthard Railway Tunnel twice (Elon's tunneling is nothing compared to the Swiss lol).

@lain went back through my old external hard drive and found a folder wasting a lot of space -- ain't nobody got time for that.

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One of the Roman ruins site in the heart of Rome is also a cat sanctuary, and the cats are adoptable.

During my trans-atlantic flight a few days ago, discovered that the person who programmed the in-flight entertainment left a test string! And forgot to remove it before shipping lol.

How to tell the difference between Mastodon vs Wooly Mammoth: stick your head in their mouth and look at their molar.

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