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Rameses B decided to release a NSFW song (literally called NSFW) for April Fools day and one of the top comments suggested an idea so bad it is actually good.

Rameses B - NSFW

Back to writing letters to friends back at home. Handwritten with a , hand folded, wax seal, and colorful stamps.

Do other Fedifolks also have any penpals?

I dictate my blog posts first because I find I talk way better than I type. Unfortunately, this text-to-speech tool really really sucks and requires multiple editing pass-throughs.

go-fed supports two kinds of golang users: Those that want the library to do as much in the spec as possible (with options to override behavior), or those that want a near-completely custom solution.

Here's two diagrams for how go-fed can fit into your project:
1) Mainly provide callbacks to support the AP logic particular to your app.
2) Implement the DelegateActor interface and do everything yourself.

Doing number 1 doesn't prevent switching to number 2 later.

I am sitting here imagining Tipper Gore as a grandmother who won't let her grandkids buy music online so she can go with them to buy albums that don't have her sticker on them.

B/c if she doesn't she's a massive hypocrite. The argument against these labels was "nobody got time for listening to your kids albums to see if they are explicit". Now we've just lowered the bar to have this sticker basically be meaningless noise anyway, and parents don't even pay attention to them.


Had a great time in Bellinzona yesterday. Swiss Italian side of the Alps is definitely beautiful. Only made it to 1 out of 3 castles. Also didn't know that it houses the Swiss top-level Federal court, so stumbling upon it was kind of neat. Got to go through Gotthard Railway Tunnel twice (Elon's tunneling is nothing compared to the Swiss lol).

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