For instance, I've been debugging an algorithm for the past hour, and it turns out that the attached equation is missing parentheses for the numerator.

So it should be:
Set x^k+1=(x^k+a^k*d^k)/||x^k+a^k*d^k||

Set x^k+1=x^k+a^k*d^k/||x^k+a^k*d^k||

The big red flag for me was this operation was not preserving the unit-length of the vector, as written. Everything is dealing with unit vectors here.

I hate the inline-divisor sign in papers. Makes me question my order of operations.

To be honest I just discovered this song and it's been on repeat for me. It's got a banging beat, uses synths that would go on to be prolific in goa psytrance sometimes, embodies a level of warm and bubbly.

Of course it's got an anime chic pic but what techno/trance from this era doesn't.

Been playing mode, finally found my first lapis lazuli which means I can finally have enchantments.

They've added a lot since I last played.

For some reason the SVP thinks I can vote.
Die SVP denkt, dass ich abstimmen kann.

I'm guessing regional wikipedia outage, then.

US folks still seem to have it up.

Ich erhielt Propaganda in der Post von der SVP.
I received propaganda in the mail from the SVP.

"Lesen, wie es wirklich ist!"
"Read how it really is!"

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