@lain went back through my old external hard drive and found a folder wasting a lot of space -- ain't nobody got time for that.

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One of the Roman ruins site in the heart of Rome is also a cat sanctuary, and the cats are adoptable.

During my trans-atlantic flight a few days ago, discovered that the person who programmed the in-flight entertainment left a test string! And forgot to remove it before shipping lol.

How to tell the difference between Mastodon vs Wooly Mammoth: stick your head in their mouth and look at their molar.

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Mad props to my friend Jake and his band ร†ther Realm for making their fan page one of the most positive spaces on Facebook.

They are a heavy metal band. A woman learning pole dancing decided to create a routine to one of their songs. And felt safe enough to share it. And didn't get any douchey comments, only positive ones (picture related).

Go go positive online interactions.

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When I was a kid the family german shepherd succumbed to IVDD and it was a painful sudden spiral downwards. I was more than happy to pay the expensive costs of taxis + emergency fees to get the peace of mind for myself. And some light painkillers/anti-inflammatory medicine for him and his well-being. He's made me a big ol' softie.

My first rocket on the max-water max-cliff map. Also, no bots up til now.

I wanted to send a ton of nukes but I forgot there was only 1 slot, so I filled it with the most expensive building I could think of.

I suck at web frontends.

Anyway. Here is a GIF of the server that automatically clones/pulls repositories to auto-generate documentation at all tags and HEAD on the master branch. I'll be using it to document the go implementation, as well as some of the other repos in the go-fed org.

After that's launched, expect to see a tutorial (finally!) to follow suit.

HTTPS server portion is now alive and is serving the auto-git-fetched documents.

Its able to handle any number of repositories, all tags + master branch in each repository, and each package inside each tag.

Next few days will be spent populating the webpages with the godoc data from the AST and adding basic styling. Yay for auto-generated !

Later, I will need to add ways to insert custom pages (for tutorials and the like).

In the works: a website that will periodically automatically pull the latest code from a repository and automatically generate godoc-like documentation for each tag as well as the "master" branch.

So far just got:
- Auto git pulling
- Turning all tags and master branch into the AST

I hope to also allow the site to have customized pages that are markdown-to-HTML gen'd.

This way, go-fed can finally have its own site w/ auto-updating docs but letting me occasionally throw in a custom page or two.

While at the Louvre I got to see The Raft Of The Medusa, an incredible painting depicting a non-fictional brutal story of death and suffering.


I first learned of the story and painting from the band Ahab. Their album "The Divinity Of Oceans" has the song "Yet Another Raft Of The Medusa (Pollard's Weakness)". It does great justice capturing the despair, loneliness, and horror of this event.


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