Alright, is up for y'all and not looking like Times New Roman font on a white background. If you poke around responsibly, please file bugs.

There's still a lot of work that needs to happen. I accept PRs!

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I hate birdsite as a primary source so much 

Garbage primary source in, garbage media reporting out.

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I am halfway towards completing the "Common" and "S2S" tests in the official test suite, as automated tests for the unofficial suite. There's now 44 such unofficial tests, which map to 23 of the 46 original ones. Unfortunately, one test still relies on the honor of the test-user.

It's not as "automated" as I like, so I think I need a new word. The server definitely sends/receives and diagnoses the software under test, but most tests require additional input or actions to be done by the test-user.

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Developer Bingo Card 

Looks like I either need to:
- Buy a Windows PC and be smug; and
- Sit on my arse and stop blogging
- Refactor all day one weekend
- Buy coding books, buy a monitor, and stack them
- Buy a Windows PC and somehow be both a smug Windows PC owner and a smug Mac owner.

Since many folks have lamented the test suite being down, I've decided to spin up a based test suite with the goal of being mostly-automated:

Each test starts up a short-lived & completely hermetic environment. Its own database, its own S2S+C2S (federating & social) set of actors, so multiple folks can use the automated tests without interfering with one another.

Still a lot more actual tests that need to be written. Contributions welcome!

Ugly screenshots lol

I hear you might like automated test suites.

Also question: I can't get calls on the Inbox to succeed. :(

BBC misspelling or British word? 

Millions go back into lockdown "Aruond" the world.


go-fed go-fed go-fed go-fed go-fed go-fed go-fed go-fed go-fed go-fed go-fed go-fed

Heute war sehr schรถn. Wir haben auf Sunnig Grat gewandert. Auf dem Kulm es ein Buch gibt. Wir haben in dem Buch unsere Namen, Datum, und kleines Text geschrieben.

Ein Foto.

Also I have a lot of "wild carrots"
aka Queen Anne's Lace
aka tiny black dot in middle of flower
aka curly balls
aka why do flies like the flower

A damn bird somehow dug up several of my potatoes and decided to peck the crap out of them. ๐Ÿ˜ 

Do you want a song about disparaging the quality of your opponents' vessel? With bags of dicks, an animated transformation sequence, sing-along-song, and threatening to defecate on lawns?

Alestorm's got you covered.

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Artichokes might not be the prettiest flower but they might be one of the purpliest.

About to finish "The Social Contract & Discourses" by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. About to start John Locke's "Second Treatise of Government and A Letter Concerning Toleration".

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