As promised, the "very" efficient 1MB gif of a payload an order of magnitude smaller (mostly due to wasted QR code space and GIF being a terribly inefficient format).

But, fun fact, this ran the image through the OCAP prototype, so it's encrypted, chopped up, and you can't fingerprint the original file size.

Marked sensitive b/c it's just annoying to look at.

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I learned today that about a year ago they raised the can opener 8" and trucks are still hitting the damn thing.

So, uh, WTF chrome. Even Safari loads it fine. I'm sure there's some sort of cache I need to clear. Yay...

And how the hell did I miss that the metal cover of an animated fan song of a Minecraft joke bit between Simon and Lewis is now a Dwarven dance song with an Orc DJ and Elven strippers?

LOL @ Napalm Records and also WTF.

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> Recommended Video in 2020
"Dropping a Giant Rock 467 ft.
10,176,848 views Jan 13, 2007"

It's amazing what computers can do when they know everything about you.

> lotr but every time sam takes a step towards mordor he says it'll be the farthest he's ever been

Oh hey Florida Man vs Hurricane is back, against Hurricane Laura this time.

NZZ; QAnon 

Just in case I wanted to know, the Neue ZΓΌricher Zeitung published a full-page spread explaining the QAnon conspiracy this past Sunday.

Thanks, I hate it.

Who can forget?

DJ Mangoo - Eurodancer

When growing up in America, this is how I thought european music was LOL.

Also the video image is from 4chan's Wallpaper/General board. I know because I had a gigantic folder of this image and other abstract ones like it.

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