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Everyone talks about "Germany", "natural gas" and war, but the way I put it together differently puts me at odds with a lot of other people. The natural gas problem isn't about heating -- this was a pre-existing problem

The problem was deeply embedding natural gas power generation into the EU grid's stability. That came about due to Germany's aggressive and rapid push for renewables: the duck-curve requires *dispatchable* power

IMHO this is a geopolitical war of "going green"

ClimatePol, War 

I am *for* going green and I am *for* renewables.

But a fair criticism is that the *new* dependence of dispatchable natural gas power on the EU grid means that cutting off natural gas means: instead of having "guaranteed" electricity for old fashioned heating remedies like hot bottles, you now have the prospect of EU rolling blackouts / brownouts on top of no heat. Very dangerous for vulnerable people. Also, "but the economy" for the EU wealthy.

Hence, outcomes like "no SWIFT".

ClimatePol, War 


yes, I've been thinking of that, and of the sharp divergence between Germany's path in this regard and France's.

@cj @deejoe France is also on a wrong path of denuclearization energy-wise, it just hasn't been as aggressive as Germany.

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@cj I was baffled when despite the prospect of this conflict with Russia, Germany went through with decommissioning the last nuclear powerplants. There's a huge anti-nuclear sentiment, but I'm still surprised at how willing to shoot themselves in the foot they've been.

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