Switter is being shut down. Primarily due to the legislation of Australia, from my understanding of their writeup:

@cj @switter

Don't know what's needed to get out trouble, but this is what they are writing:

"If you all would like to move it offshore and keep it alive, I've been looking into ways to decentralize similar projects.

Would like to know what kind of servers are needed for the 400k mastodon accounts. Are we talking a couple of quad core processors and a few TB or hard drive space?

Curious what size the DB is too."

This is why we have spent the last few years moving people onto the new #goldStandards in communication and more, I2P and Tor.

Australia is becoming an #autocracy, our sources say close to 1 million attended a #protest recently and the #establishmentMedia say only 10,000 people did.

All indications are #Australia is set to be the next #ConcentrationCamp… if we fail to do something we deserve it.

BTW we've never heard of #switter what is it, a #fediverseInstance?

@cj @switter

@dsfgs @cj @switter

Australia, like many other countries is on a path towards autoritarianism.

It may be tempting to assign strong language to express worry about that. But comparisons to concentration camps are far off the mark. Though there's a broader meaning, they are usually associated with the Nazi concentration camps and the Holocaust. And should be used in that context to remind us of this darkest spot in history and what lows mankind can go.

Switter is an instance w/ ~400k fedizens.

Sorry for conjuring up bad images, but that is what they are building under our noses. The drumbeat for #ww3 is further evidence, they want to accelarate the process and cause #massDeaths.

Its good to know that about 1 million Australians near the protest location are able to see through some propaganda and lies, being propagated by the #dotConArtists.

Thanks yes, we remember reading about, now.

@witchescauldron Do you block them? Nothing from them since 2018ish.


@dsfgs @humanetech @cj

Most of the hardbacks are for repeating

Racism or advocation of racism
Sexism or advocation of sexism
Xenophobic and/or violent nationalism

we are very "libertarian" on free speech so we tend not to block outa the gate, but after repeated prier warnings they end up hard blocked - you get a hint of this by looking at the levels of mod some of them are in all 3 - it escaled each time.

We don't do the #fahernista pre blocking.

Thought so.

Is it a #Mastodon feature to mark all toots from an instance as potentially dangerous? Or did we read that about #Pleroma. @bob ?

We think that this is the correct route.

Though many can be hedonist, many will be good ppl who will benefit from access to #activism.

Sad to hear that they will be forced to shutdown due to our #godforsaken-autocrats we have in power.

Will need to check press releases on this.

@humanetech @cj

@cj Large instances are vulnerable to this type of activity. It seems a better future strategy is to limit the size of the instance to encourage others to spin up new instances federated with it in other places.

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