Follow cert is renewed, has been kicked back alive.

Merged a bunch of PRs and commented on a few bugs. Thanks for everyone for being patient.

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@cj i had a wicked amount of email notifications this morning :D was like 'ooh! cj is BACK baby'

@dumpsterqueer I hope at least this means you get to use mainline go-fed with your hard-worked features.

@cj I was thinking about that; will probs stay on the fork for a while and just keep making PRs back against go-fed. Would that work for you?

@dumpsterqueer Of course. Also, the forgefriends webinar is going on for another 20 minutes or so at:

(no registration / install needed to join)

There, i put out a call for co-gardener of go-fed. Just wanted to make you aware in case you have an interest.

@dumpsterqueer Thanks! It is a huge maintenance burden though... I've had to ask my sister and wife for a lot of tips the past year or so! I have newfound respect for hair care that I had no idea about when I kept it short.

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