@Gargron Hey man, do you ever plan on joining the community at SocialHub? Or Socialcg? Do you ever plan on joining any group that's trying to do "ActivityPub" and not just Mastodon?

You're banning a core member that actually participates in the small but dedicated ActivityPub group. They're one of the members responsible for getting interop legal language in the EU's DSA/DMA working with MPs and the EU Comission.

@cj That core member has threatened to have the police raid my home earlier this year in retaliation for basic rule enforcement, two different mods had to take action two different times against his account for refusing to comply with our rules as of now; I have no obligation to provide service after hostile behavior and I’m extending great courtesy to him by giving him 7 days advance notice instead of suspending him immediately

@Gargron Yes, that sucks and is inexcusable. I'm not here to defend that behavior. I think for that incident, we've all been "that's not cool at all".

However, I am going to challenge your behavior. Things req. to escalate to this are also in part a reflection of the (lax) moderation on your instance. For ex, I would ask the unapologetically black instance, but they're also no longer here.

In my mind, there is a moderation problem, and it hurts every other community but yours.


@Gargron We should not be creating the federated environment where when you do a moderation action against them, it's in such a way where they want to completely leave the federated platform forever and never come back. For people that are championing and advancing that federated platform.

That is the root problem that seems to not be adequately addressed here.

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@Gargron given that you've never really engaged with the ActivityPub community, it's clear there's no opportunity for soft touch "hey man keep doing your thing but just please don't do it on my instance" sort of understanding rooted in camraderie. Which could of helped here.

Instead, given your continued pattern of not engaging the federated dev community within which mastodon lives (only opportunistically), it is really really hard for me to not take the pessimistic view.

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