@Gargron Hey man, do you ever plan on joining the community at SocialHub? Or Socialcg? Do you ever plan on joining any group that's trying to do "ActivityPub" and not just Mastodon?

You're banning a core member that actually participates in the small but dedicated ActivityPub group. They're one of the members responsible for getting interop legal language in the EU's DSA/DMA working with MPs and the EU Comission.


@Gargron There is no easy way to say this: your continued lack of engagement on anything higher-level than Mastodon, really hurts the community at large. This is objectively an instance where your continued lack of action in engaging in ActivityPub-level anything is actually hostile to the community at large. We are losing a great community member with excellent communication and knowledge because of this.

I am forced to treat you and your masto.social as actively hostile to the principles of ActivityPub.

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