There is bad reporting going on around the news about OnlyFans. Yes it is due to the "payment processor" MasterCard but *that* reason for change was due to Exodus Cry's incessant activism against PornHub and their attempts to abolish all legal forms of pornography, sex work, Strip Clubs, etc under the guise of "think of the children".

@cj iow, activism is only good when it lobbies for the values I support...

Also, claiming it is all about "think of the children" is a strawman. I never heard of Exodus Cry before your post, but a cursory look at their site and it is very clear they are up front against the sex *industry*, which is not necessarily the same as being puritanical or anti-sex.

@raphael It's not a strawman. I had a fuller comment, but i really don't want to be discussing the abhorrent practice of child sex slavery.

@cj We don't need to discuss that, and it's kind of my point: there is a great number of people that don't even need to use "think of the children" as a justification to advocate against the sex industry and the normalization of pornography.


@raphael Look man, the past 2 decades of COPPA / FOSTA-SESTA / anti-encryption and all of these infringements to digital liberties has included a concentrated focus on sex trafficking, which has always been a euphamism for *child* sex trafficking, all of which is horrible. But in my 20+ years of these conversations w/ these activists, when it comes to the moral appeals to persuade the public / congress it almost always is most effective for them to say "think of the kids".

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