Hey @cwebber

the little Eugen is censoring our Afghanistan posts and thus helping the Taliban.
The last journalists I knew left #mastodon

I do not think anymore that ActivityPub is a good thing.
The wannabe Mark Zuckerberg makes us all mad.


@sl007 Don't let Eugen's particular poorly-moderated instance spoil your mood for the rest of the Fediverse.


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@cj @cwebber

I agree.
This one is special to me and yes, it is a kind of a re-trauma …
However, I DID CW the media which might be disputable if they show violence.

At this story, on the way, I had a gun pointed at my head when they found us at one of the last checkpoints. They thought we are US, when they saw the german passport they said "Hitler is good" and let us pass.

Now the “poorly-moderated instance” is censoring EVAC info and UN figures.
Feels inhuman …

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