How do you pronounce the 'g' in "gif"?

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I'm not sure if the people choosing "genre" are doing it for the "LOL vocal frictive" or because they actually mispronounce it as "jun-ruh".

@cj it's the only one even remotely close to the correct pronunciation

@ben You mean the one I deliberately tried to omit. 🤪

@cj If I pronounce it JAHN-ruh, like JUR-af, you'd know exactly what I meant, especially in context. But isn't this a fun game we play occasionally pretending we don't know what others mean by gif/jif?

@cj tfw the way it's supposed to be pronounced isn't here
Other: the kind if "g" that English speakers can't pronounce, like in "TeX", like the Spanish "j".
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